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Member 10641779 9-Dec-16 2:28am View    
can you tell me how to decode barcode image, I am also searching for it. Or can you provide any link to follow?
Member 10641779 28-Oct-16 3:16am View    
This is the project link
Member 10641779 10-Jun-16 7:18am View    
Thanks, I got this worked.
Member 10641779 10-Jun-16 5:17am View    
GetDlgItem(IDC_...)->SendMessage(EM_SETPASSWORDCHAR, 0, 0);
this will change password to text.
Can you plz write down code to convert text to password?
Member 10641779 9-Jun-16 6:58am View    
This one I checked earlier, this is converting password text into normal text. where as I need text to password.