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Member 10676658 15-Aug-14 5:55am View
hi i can you share me how u did this to me?, as i wanted it for my final year project ,
it will be very thankful
Member 10676658 15-Aug-14 5:50am View
i wanted to give command to my laptop using mobile bluetooth please help me
Member 10676658 14-Aug-14 23:43pm View
i am trying to acees or give command to laptop via bluetooth
Member 10676658 5-Aug-14 6:13am View
i just want to lock the folder ,so that no one can access the content in that folder ,only i should be able to access that with some security like password or encrption .the folder will contain some document
as i my system will be access by my many people n preventing that. folder security is part of my final year project module and i have dont have much idea .please help me
Member 10676658 5-Aug-14 6:07am View
thanks for replying.
if not encrypting then if we will try to lock the folder(deny access to that folder)
what technique will be needed to do that ? and how to do that?