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Member 10690878 11-Dec-15 9:41am View
Thanks for your reply, but the code showing error message Incorrect syntax near '.'.
Member 10690878 10-Dec-15 17:02pm View
Hi @Duncan Edwards Jones yes the both tables contain column called UID so what i am looking is from the statement is to check into UserInfo if the user has Y value then show the ads otherwise dont show
Member 10690878 10-Dec-15 17:02pm View
yes the both tables contain column called UID so what i am looking is from the statement is to check into UserInfo if the user has Y value then show the ads otherwise dont show
Member 10690878 15-Nov-15 11:36am View
I do as you mention like :

SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(sqlstatment, cn);
cmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
cmd.CommandText = sqlstatment;

cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Section", Secdrdoads.SelectedItem.Text);
cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Maker", makervalue);

but i get error message: Severity Code Description Project File Line
A local or parameter named 'cmd' cannot be declared in this scope because that name is used in an enclosing local scope to define a local or parameter
Member 10690878 15-Nov-15 6:52am View
Hi @KrunalRohit but i have already added this one into code you can check it again after each string sqlstatment
Member 10690878 8-Nov-15 19:40pm View
Hi @F-ES Sitecore
Thanks for your reply and explanation, but i need to help me with full code as the rest i dont know how to complete it.
Member 10690878 8-Nov-15 13:30pm View
Hi no i need some one to help me by complete the rest of the code
Member 10690878 30-Oct-15 13:58pm View
Hi @AnvilRanger Thanks for your reply, the post has been updated and include all my references please can you check it
Member 10690878 30-Oct-15 12:54pm View
Hi @Andy Lanng many thanks for your edit my post in fact in know that i should include it into my first post but i was working from my mobile and i couldnt find edit post button so that way i add as an comment, anyway sorry of that :-).
Member 10690878 30-Oct-15 11:35am View
Hi @AnvilRanger
here is my refernces so i dont know where is my mistake

(Edit AL: now added to question)
Member 10690878 30-Oct-15 11:05am View
Error message is: JavaScript runtime error: Bootstrap's JavaScript requires jQuery
Member 10690878 27-Oct-15 16:36pm View
Hi @Member 11193337 thanks for your reply, and i will be more thanks for you if you complete the trigger as those tree line of codes its easy to create it but i need some one to help me in the rest of the trigger. As i need some one to help me to create this trigger as the i am looking for
Member 10690878 27-Oct-15 16:21pm View
Dear I did not ask to change the date, i wish if you can re-read the post i want the stored procedure to check the endVipDate for those people whose have the value "YES" into column VIP then if the endVipDate is matching today date then change the value into VIP column to to NO or Null
Member 10690878 24-Sep-15 7:48am View
I may not understand what you mean excatly , but if i dont add anything then all the text written in one Textbox will be in on line.
Member 10690878 23-Sep-15 23:43pm View
@Tadit Dash (ତଡିତ୍ କୁମାର ଦାଶ) but did there are any others way to save the text as user inserted i mean with newline !!!
Member 10690878 16-Sep-15 9:17am View
Hi please could you make it as answer :-) as it fixed and what you said is correct
Member 10690878 1-Aug-15 1:11am View
hi @jgakenhe many thanks for your advice, but i am not so prof with c# i will be thanks if you explain to me in details with code how i can do that, many people told me that i need to rebind the gotovieworder_click but i dont know how.
Member 10690878 20-Jul-15 20:41pm View
there is only this Listview and there is only those controls inside it, i agree with you the listview will repeat many times for same control as much as you have into table into database. But i am showing only one record for the same userid which is under session value. so could you explain more of how i can fix it.
Member 10690878 20-Jul-15 20:02pm View
So but the controls are already into the listview so how i can fix it??!!
Member 10690878 24-Jan-15 15:08pm View
thanks @sameeakhtar786, i do it but i get this error message at line: smtp.Send(fromAddress, toAddress, subject, body); the error message is: The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated. The server response was: 5.5.1 Authentication Required. Learn more at
Member 10690878 24-Jan-15 7:21am View
Hi @sameeakhtar786 many thanks for your reply, i have copy and paste your code and i change to my email setting but i would like to ask you i have already delete the previose code of the email part from my code but how i can call the method of your code
Member 10690878 14-Dec-14 13:19pm View
Hi @Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter thank you for your comment, yeah thats right i have forget = sign but still the problem is, what its happen that the LinkButton is out side the ListView so for that it cant get the UID value as i think
Member 10690878 10-Dec-14 17:03pm View
Hi @amin khoshzahmat thanks for your comment i hav added but the problem still as it is :-(
Member 10690878 6-Dec-14 20:48pm View
Hi @DamithSL i have did as you mention above and its working fine, and i have tried to do it with BizCateDDL but it inserting "Your Business Field" as its writting in postback of BizCatDDL: if (!IsPostBack)

DataTable BizCateDT = new DataTable();
using (SqlConnection con2 = new SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["BeravaConnectionString"].ConnectionString))
// Create the SelectCommand.
SqlCommand BizCateCmd = new SqlCommand("SELECT BizCate FROM BizCate", con2);

SqlDataAdapter adaptar = new SqlDataAdapter();
adaptar.SelectCommand = BizCateCmd;

BizCateDDL.DataSource = BizCateDT;
BizCateDDL.DataTextField = "BizCate";


BizCateDDL.Items.Insert(0, new ListItem("Your Business Field", ""));
Member 10690878 13-Nov-14 5:11am View
Hi thanks for your kind reply, i get this error at this line: adaptar.Fill(StateDT);
Member 10690878 31-Jul-14 2:50am View
Hi Nirav Prabtani. Thanks for your reply but i am looking for filtering from code behind not sorting i may make mistake in my post title.
Member 10690878 26-Jul-14 7:06am View
Hi @Hard_Rockz thanks for your reply but what about the 2nd part of my post about how i can change the header names of other columns from code behind
Member 10690878 24-Jul-14 20:20pm View
in fact i respect your opinion and thanks for your reply but i have post the code and try my best to explain the problem the UsrNme is the session that collect the username when user login to his account. Anyway i hope some other member can fix
Member 10690878 24-Jul-14 20:05pm View
I have make another screen record with breakpoint so i wish if you can watch it and help me to find the error as i couldn't:
Member 10690878 24-Jul-14 19:42pm View
Hi thanks for your reply , i have do it but to be honest i coudnt catch the problem so for that i post here , even i have post the same post in other fourms and the members coudnt fix it. So i wish if i can find someone can fix this code to work as it should be
Member 10690878 19-Jul-14 0:49am View
Hi i have make the update that you give it to me and it show this message also next to first line of your update: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Member 10690878 19-Jul-14 0:39am View
Hi, i have record my screen for you so i hope that will help to get the full picture of what is happening, please check the link:
Member 10690878 19-Jul-14 0:29am View
i dont know how in fact, and as i told you this is a primary key its not allowed to user to change it, i also delete the part of query in the update statment and its same nothing change still the message appear
Member 10690878 19-Jul-14 0:19am View
Hi @Hard_Rockz thanks for your reply but the UID is using a session and this column canot be updated, so how i can fix that
Member 10690878 22-Mar-14 9:32am View