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user 3008 8-Aug-19 10:08am View    
Thank you so much for your help. I just found that the view state for my page is 59928 and so even 2048 also didn't work. Now set the value to 59930. Fingers crossed
user 3008 8-Aug-19 8:49am View    
I actually have an issue with my ViewState, where it is intermittently throwing an error occurred in a few pages in my project and so I am trying to add the maxPageStateFieldLength in the config settings. But I am not sure what value should I have to give. I tried with 40/60 but still got the issue. Now I have given the value as 2048 and no errors till now. I am not sure whether I have given very high value than needed for my project.
user 3008 22-Jun-16 11:52am View    
I have included the entire scripthelper custom class that we used for your refernce
user 3008 22-Jun-16 6:11am View    
That is quite big with 1316 lines I will just add few add few lines in that which will be the same for other query with different in culture name and localisation id
user 3008 20-May-16 4:57am View    
yes tried that but it is not trimming