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Member 10718181 13-Nov-14 1:52am View
i got a this message
Member 10718181 13-Nov-14 1:48am View
Message OnCreateFIX.4.2:vijaykumar->TargetCompId
<20141112-10:37:07, FIX.4.2:vijaykumar->TargetCompId, event>
(Created session)
<20141112-10:37:07, FIX.4.2:vijaykumar->TargetCompId, event>
(Connecting to on port XXX)
Called Admin :8=FIX.4.2☺9=93☺35=A☺34=1☺49=vijaykumar☺52=20141112-10:37:07.311☺56
<20141112-10:37:08, FIX.4.2:vijaykumar->TargetCompId, outgoing>
<20141112-10:37:08, FIX.4.2:vijaykumar->TargetCompId, event>
(Initiated logon request)
<20141112-10:37:08, FIX.4.2:vijaykumar->TargetCompId, event>
(Socket Error: Connection reset by peer.)
<20141112-10:37:08, FIX.4.2:vijaykumar->TargetCompId, event>
Log out SessionFIX.4.2:vijaykumar->TargetCompId
Sending Order to Server
Member 10718181 15-Jul-14 5:37am View
I have a some dll so values are given this dll continuously
Member 10718181 20-Jun-14 10:12am View
i need that format file save
Member 10718181 20-Jun-14 9:04am View
log file generate this format every day time 00.00 started a log
Member 10718181 20-Jun-14 7:52am View
How do I create a day wise log file in Visual C++
Member 10718181 10-Jun-14 5:36am View
Member 10718181 9-Jun-14 10:02am View
how to Compare text in a TextBox to values in a ComboBox? in C#. Enter the text box some string value are stored in combobox that code already wrote. I need whenever enter the text in text box to checked combobox if already string is there messagebox shown " already exist" .
Member 10718181 5-Jun-14 8:59am View
Edit my Code I am not cleared ....
Member 10718181 5-Jun-14 8:20am View
solve this error Inconsistent accessibility: field type 'QueueCS.QueueGridHead' is less accessible than field 'QueueCS.Form1.Rightss'
Member 10718181 15-May-14 3:49am View
whenever server is reconnect in my code UI hanged so this problem solving for using thread but i am not clear idea for Thread so how to using thread in my ser_conn()
Member 10718181 30-Apr-14 9:43am View
Thank u very much
Member 10718181 16-Apr-14 2:36am View
tm my object
Member 10718181 9-Apr-14 9:51am View
I have dll for communicate with c++ to c# bt connot take a grid value from c#
Member 10718181 9-Apr-14 9:47am View
I need communicate with c++ to C#
Member 10718181 3-Apr-14 8:51am View
This is c# grid view
Member 10718181 3-Apr-14 6:11am View
i want grid view when use add the click event automatically bind values in grid the bind value are running in row that the time change the color. values are +ve or -ve so that i need color difference row