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Mukesh Pr@sad 1-Jul-20 7:13am View
The query is working fine and I am getting the required data, only issue is I am not able to write this query in the form of Stored procedure.
Mukesh Pr@sad 8-Jun-18 0:09am View
thanks it worked
Mukesh Pr@sad 7-Jun-18 9:15am View
Thanks..trying this solution.
Mukesh Pr@sad 4-May-18 6:54am View
what i am asking is scanner should not put the barcode on other elements ..there should be only one textbox in the form which should accept barcode.. not others.
Mukesh Pr@sad 4-May-18 2:02am View
how can we retrict the barcode for specific textbox? I mean scanner should put the barcode only on a specific textbox of the form not on the other elements.
Mukesh Pr@sad 5-Apr-17 5:12am View
Its giving null value ...not the exact value what I want.
after button click I am getting the result that result I need to grab.
But the code what u have suggested is still checking on the empty page I mean befor button click not after button click.
Mukesh Pr@sad 20-Jan-17 4:00am View
I have moved some 1000 files but under the name "to" I have only one file with no extension. Please tell me how to get back remaining files
Mukesh Pr@sad 22-Jun-16 1:05am View
values are on the same worksheet
Mukesh Pr@sad 12-May-16 9:42am View
AsNoTracking() is giving error.
Mukesh Pr@sad 12-May-16 7:30am View
It is taking time because of the last join . If I am removing the last join then it is working fine.
Mukesh Pr@sad 12-May-16 6:34am View
Below is the equivalent sql query which is taking 13:03 minutes to retrieve the data.
is there any query better than this. Please help.

select FileProgress.Id, fullpath,Extension, Received, Downloaded,Unsupported,ProcessByAbbyy,AvailableInProDocs,Done,DOCNO,REVISION,DOCSTAT.NAME
From FileProgress
Left Join V01_PG on FileProgress.ProDocsId=V01_PG.ID
Left Join V01_PR on V01_PG.ID = V01_PR.PAGE
where FileProgress.FullPath like '%2014AL0206%'
Mukesh Pr@sad 12-May-16 6:17am View
Sorry But it is taking same time at both the places . means More than 10 minutes.
Mukesh Pr@sad 12-May-16 2:20am View
more than 10 minutes
Mukesh Pr@sad 15-Mar-16 6:37am View
Thanks it worked
Mukesh Pr@sad 15-Mar-16 5:47am View
In case of C2 and BT4 , BT4 should be greatest as it contains "T"
Mukesh Pr@sad 15-Mar-16 5:43am View
greatest means "B" is greater than "A". Like that i have to find greatest among 7 given alphanumeric strings
Mukesh Pr@sad 15-Mar-16 5:41am View
i didn't get you, can you please elaborate it.
Mukesh Pr@sad 25-Sep-15 8:15am View
still not working
Mukesh Pr@sad 25-Sep-15 8:08am View
Its not working
Mukesh Pr@sad 25-Sep-15 7:51am View
ok..let me try.
Mukesh Pr@sad 25-Sep-15 7:50am View
no i am not getting any error .
Mukesh Pr@sad 24-Sep-15 4:26am View
Hi F-ES..!
Do u mean that I should drop the table and recreate it.??
It contains many records.
Mukesh Pr@sad 24-Sep-15 4:25am View
Hi sisir...I replaced the while loop with If condition..and The same query is working fine directly to the management studio so there is no case of wrong table name or column name, also the same connection string is working fine for other tables.
Mukesh Pr@sad 24-Sep-15 4:16am View
both the queries are returning same value, when I am executing it directly to sql server management studio.
but through program same exception I am getting at line:-

using (SqlDataReader reader = com.ExecuteReader())

All the column name and table name are correct.
Mukesh Pr@sad 6-Aug-15 6:44am View
what do u mean by resource file values?
Mukesh Pr@sad 6-Aug-15 5:18am View
HI Ishfaq Nazir,

It is not the correct place to ask any question..To ask a question do the following steps
Go to Header of this page--->Hover on "Quick answers"--> click on "Ask A question".
Mukesh Pr@sad 6-Aug-15 5:00am View
All these files on the server..
Mukesh Pr@sad 5-Aug-15 9:39am View
Mukesh Pr@sad 4-Aug-15 8:26am View
check it once.
Mukesh Pr@sad 4-Aug-15 8:20am View
pls post ur code...and specify that where u got stucked..!
Mukesh Pr@sad 3-Aug-15 8:31am View
Its not the way to ask any question..first try it by yourself.
Mukesh Pr@sad 3-Aug-15 8:28am View
what hav u tried till now? pls share ur code.
Mukesh Pr@sad 3-Aug-15 5:59am View
First you should try it by your own..if you find it difficult somewhere, paste your code.
Mukesh Pr@sad 3-Aug-15 5:37am View
where is ur code..what hav u tried till ur code
Mukesh Pr@sad 3-Aug-15 3:06am View
pls share your code
Mukesh Pr@sad 31-Jul-15 8:23am View
google it.
Mukesh Pr@sad 27-Jul-15 1:38am View
what do u mean, 1 9 9 5 should be in same column? if it is the case you can insert space after each character.
Mukesh Pr@sad 23-Jul-15 8:50am View
Better you google it.
Mukesh Pr@sad 23-Jul-15 7:47am View
what you have tried till now?
Mukesh Pr@sad 23-Jul-15 5:11am View
check the image property height and width in initial mode and supply the same in reset button.
Mukesh Pr@sad 23-Jul-15 4:05am View
Use the code which you are using to display the image initially.
Mukesh Pr@sad 23-Jul-15 3:11am View
yes I know that. what I am saying when I posted the answer it didn't get displayed as earlier.
Mukesh Pr@sad 23-Jul-15 3:09am View
check the scale of your favicon it should be 16x16 and keep your favicon to the root direcitory of your webiste.
Clear the cache.

use the following code.
rename your fevicon.
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="myIcon.ico" type="image/x-icon" />
Mukesh Pr@sad 23-Jul-15 2:52am View
Thanks, I was not aware about the new functionality, and wrongly reposted the answer.
Mukesh Pr@sad 23-Jul-15 2:16am View
pls close the thread if u got the answer.
Mukesh Pr@sad 23-Jul-15 2:13am View
post your model class in which you are getting validation error..!
Mukesh Pr@sad 23-Jul-15 1:47am View
your question is not clear...what u want, do u want to display the full pdf on browser or what?
Mukesh Pr@sad 23-Jul-15 1:44am View
According to the search keyword bind the picture box with the related image.
Mukesh Pr@sad 22-Jul-15 6:51am View
HI Khushi,
If I am not wrong, you are asking about data annotations. if it is the case once visit this link.
Mukesh Pr@sad 22-Jul-15 6:45am View
there are many online sites where you can open and print your pdf. In case if your acrobat is not able to open the pdf file.
Mukesh Pr@sad 21-Jul-15 8:16am View
Check it once it looks like same what you are searching for
Mukesh Pr@sad 21-Jul-15 3:58am View
Go to gridView designer and remove the 4th row and 8th row design code.
Mukesh Pr@sad 20-Jul-15 4:08am View
What u want?? Do u mean that graphical points u will get from user using your textbox...did I got u correctly??
Mukesh Pr@sad 20-Jul-15 3:44am View
After selection of the can check for restricted folder, if found you can stop the further execution and can force the user to browse another folder.
Mukesh Pr@sad 2-Jun-15 9:14am View
Please post your code so that we can understand where the problem is arising..
Mukesh Pr@sad 28-Apr-15 7:07am View
maybe this can help you
Mukesh Pr@sad 28-Apr-15 2:31am View
If you are using crystal reports on Godaddy you have to purchase their VPS or dedicated server. So if you are using crystal report and you want shared hosting then go to
Mukesh Pr@sad 24-Apr-15 9:16am View
here you can find the trial version
Mukesh Pr@sad 24-Apr-15 9:14am View
here you can find the trial version
Mukesh Pr@sad 24-Apr-15 8:28am View
Mukesh Pr@sad 22-Apr-15 5:00am View
I cannot put break point because I am not using it in Visual Studio.

how can I access any value from this arraylist???
Mukesh Pr@sad 15-Apr-15 8:22am View
HI Mario, Thanks for the solution its working fine, only problem is I am not getting the header of the file.
Mukesh Pr@sad 7-Jan-15 7:27am View
Thanks for the help...but i need solution for multiple chart and this link explains about only one chart.
Mukesh Pr@sad 4-Dec-14 8:07am View
istall nuget
Mukesh Pr@sad 2-Dec-14 5:59am View
List controls are used to represent multiple items and we can select one or multiple items from them according to the list controls used but we cannot edit the items using list controls as you are expecting.
Mukesh Pr@sad 2-Dec-14 4:37am View
Mukesh Pr@sad 2-Dec-14 4:26am View
please accept answer if u found it useful.
Mukesh Pr@sad 2-Dec-14 3:57am View
try it now
Mukesh Pr@sad 2-Dec-14 2:28am View
In which line you are getting error
Mukesh Pr@sad 1-Dec-14 7:22am View
refer following link,d=hv.2).aspx
Mukesh Pr@sad 1-Dec-14 2:22am View
But server.transfer does not updates the url ,so when user will perform postback on navigated page it will again redirect to previous webform, so its not a good idea to use server.transfer.
Mukesh Pr@sad 21-Nov-14 7:35am View
u can use viewstate object or make that variable as static.
Mukesh Pr@sad 13-Nov-14 9:40am View
in each postback ...u can change the content of the control
Mukesh Pr@sad 13-Nov-14 4:55am View
go to this link
Mukesh Pr@sad 13-Nov-14 3:33am View
MVC also
Mukesh Pr@sad 13-Nov-14 2:09am View
better to learn this
Mukesh Pr@sad 12-Nov-14 7:58am View
You need to have the dll's plug in for vlc player.
1. You cna install the vlc media player in to your system. As it is the ActiveX control, it will generate some dll's
2. These dlls will be used in your application for getting the reference.
3. Now you need to register the ActiveX component using the below method:
Go to the Toolbox/Choose item -> select COM register -> check the checkbox in front VLC Plug-in"
As it is already installed so this option should be available to check.
4. Drag item onto your form
Now you can write the code for play/stop.
Mukesh Pr@sad 12-Nov-14 7:50am View
here is ur answer
Mukesh Pr@sad 12-Nov-14 6:51am View
man..! u can decompile and use that code
below is the link for decompiler
Mukesh Pr@sad 12-Nov-14 6:44am View
If it is helpful please accept the answer
Mukesh Pr@sad 12-Nov-14 6:32am View
u can download complete code[^]
Mukesh Pr@sad 12-Nov-14 4:35am View
you can us datatable and after adding all items u can assign it to grid
Mukesh Pr@sad 12-Nov-14 4:29am View
u can use checkbox.checkedchanged event to write ur code
Mukesh Pr@sad 11-Nov-14 7:28am View
It would be better for everyone if you will post your code.
Mukesh Pr@sad 11-Nov-14 6:41am View
what do you mean by structure of gridview?
Mukesh Pr@sad 10-Nov-14 6:31am View
yes then you need to install IIS Express. Looks like you are confused between IIS express and Other versions of IIS.
Go through the below link:-
Mukesh Pr@sad 10-Nov-14 5:47am View
Where you are getting this error??? Post your code and specify it.
Mukesh Pr@sad 10-Nov-14 5:37am View
are u deploying it to IIS Express???
Mukesh Pr@sad 10-Nov-14 5:10am View
Hey I added solution can go through that...
Have fun..
Mukesh Pr@sad 10-Nov-14 4:32am View
so u don't want scrollbar in your Iframe ...and according to you for some browsers it is working and for some browsers it is not it???
Mukesh Pr@sad 10-Nov-14 2:32am View
are u using like following??
<iframe id="iframe1" runat="server" scrolling="no" width="600px" height="400px" src=""></iframe>
Mukesh Pr@sad 8-Nov-14 0:53am View
you can use scaffold option ..
Mukesh Pr@sad 8-Nov-14 0:51am View
Bhai kehna kya chahte ho??? be little specific...if possible post your code also.
Mukesh Pr@sad 7-Nov-14 7:30am View me here..!
Mukesh Pr@sad 7-Nov-14 7:27am View
can i send u complete application...what i have created...
Mukesh Pr@sad 7-Nov-14 7:16am View
is it working now?????
Mukesh Pr@sad 7-Nov-14 7:12am View
One thing more if you have not added ajax control toolkit library to your application then go to the following link download ajax control toolkit and add it to your application ....
Mukesh Pr@sad 7-Nov-14 7:09am View
Hi Aarti,

I tried following code its working fine...its same as your code only I changed
replaced script manager with toolscriptmanager

<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeFile="Default.aspx.cs" Inherits="_Default" %>
<%@ Register Assembly="AjaxControlToolkit" Namespace="AjaxControlToolkit" TagPrefix="asp" %>
<!DOCTYPE html>

<html xmlns="">
<head runat="server">
<style type="text/css">
background-color: Black;
filter: alpha(opacity=90);
opacity: 0.8;
background-color: #FFFFFF;
border-width: 3px;
border-style: solid;
border-color: black;
padding-top: 10px;
padding-left: 10px;
width: 300px;
height: 140px;
<form id="form1" runat="server">
<asp:ToolkitScriptManager ID="ToolkitScriptManager1" runat="server">

<asp:Button ID="btnShow" runat="server" Text="Show Modal Popup" />

<!-- ModalPopupExtender -->
<asp:ModalPopupExtender ID="ModalPopupExtender1" runat="server" PopupControlID="Panel1" TargetControlID="btnShow"
CancelControlID="btnClose" BackgroundCssClass="modalBackground" >
<asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server">
<asp:Panel ID="Panel1" runat="server" CssClass="modalPopup" align="center" style = "display:none">
This is an ASP.Net AJAX ModalPopupExtender Example<br />
<asp:Button ID="btnClose" runat="server" Text="Close" />

Mukesh Pr@sad 7-Nov-14 6:52am View
go through the following link
Mukesh Pr@sad 7-Nov-14 6:31am View
Please try to be more specific...if possible post your code also.
your statement is little confusing.
Mukesh Pr@sad 4-Nov-14 5:55am View
Hi Kaushal,

I already gone through is explaining for static source.
But my requirement is how to implement for dynamic sources.

Mukesh Pr@sad 4-Nov-14 5:47am View
HI Afzaal,
I want to display an Iframe of http site to https site..Dynamically(Means source will be changed time to time as per user selection)

Mukesh Pr@sad 4-Nov-14 3:53am View
Till Now I have placed an Iframe in https website and I am assigning source dynamically through javascript using onclient click of a button.
Mukesh Pr@sad 31-Oct-14 9:00am View
Once try following code

<forms loginUrl="~/Logout.aspx" timeout="1" />
Mukesh Pr@sad 31-Oct-14 8:47am View
String cc = "bit046x";

Here cc is already string then in query why again you are using .ToString().

following is your solution try it once, hope it should work.

SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("SELECT * FROM [dbo].[vIP_Enrolment] WHERE OfferingCode = '" + cc +"'" , con);
Mukesh Pr@sad 30-Oct-14 2:04am View
have a look to this..
Mukesh Pr@sad 28-Oct-14 3:35am View
You can use following code to find day.
then store it in a string and concatenate both you will get your result.

string result = DateTime.Now.Date.AddDays(10).ToString("dd-M-yy DD");
string day = result.DayOfWeek.ToString();

string date = day+result;
Mukesh Pr@sad 27-Oct-14 7:17am View
for this case you can try by updating your model from database. To do so go to the model file expand it in that you will find one file which is the graphical representation of your tables. In that file right click anywhere , By doing this you will get various options among that click on "Update form database".

It will open "Update form database" wizard here you have to select your table (make checked in checkbox) and click on next.

This process will update your models using database.
Mukesh Pr@sad 27-Oct-14 0:31am View
Better you search this in google
Mukesh Pr@sad 24-Oct-14 6:39am View
If you are talking about the version confliction between two jQuery libraries then you have to use jQueryNoConflict u have to do the following stuff

<script src='jquery-1.3.2.js'></script>
var jq132 = jQuery.noConflict();

<script src='jquery-1.4.2.js'></script>
var jq142 = jQuery.noConflict();
Mukesh Pr@sad 15-Oct-14 23:54pm View
Mukesh Pr@sad 13-Oct-14 4:41am View
Helen, it would be helpful for everybody if u will post ur code.!
Mukesh Pr@sad 13-Oct-14 3:21am View
It should enable.
Have u checked it by keeping break-point?
If not once check it.
Mukesh Pr@sad 13-Oct-14 1:40am View
You can use below code.

$.when( fn.loadcombo_Name() ).done(function() {

for more please go to:-

Hope..! it will help you.
Mukesh Pr@sad 8-Oct-14 2:48am View
Mukesh Pr@sad 13-May-14 0:34am View
can you please check the error
Mukesh Pr@sad 25-Apr-14 10:09am View
in the following line error occurred.

Mukesh Pr@sad 25-Apr-14 10:07am View
In the following line Exception is occurred.