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Comments by Kai Lu (Top 4 by date)

Kai Lu 24-Apr-15 14:21pm View    
I know how to do it now, using SHChangeNotifyRegister. Then we can monitor the file system.
Kai Lu 5-Dec-14 2:49am View    
Thanks again, Jochen.
The function which I want maybe it's impossible.
Kai Lu 1-Dec-14 11:35am View    
Hi Jochen, thanks for your detail explaining. But I still have one doubt, if I open two file exploers in windows, then I delete or clip one file in one exploer, the other exploer will know I should refresh now. So do you know the mechanism?
Kai Lu 27-Nov-14 2:59am View    
Hi, thanks for your reminder. I ever also used this function, but it didn't work. Then I tird it again today, I found a bug in my program, it works!!
Do you know how to get the paste message after finished paste?