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pavan_ kumar 13-Jul-23 14:31pm View    
Thanks for giving reply. I've tried by putting [(ngModel)]. But in my case, i've to use formcontrolname in order to work my other logic which i've written in my code. and using of ngmodel and formcontrolname at a time has deprecated in angular 12, So, i can't use both at a time.
Please let me know any other approach by using formcontrolname only.
pavan_ kumar 3-May-16 6:03am View    
i need both i.e past dates disabling and coming week ends disabling. but i've tried initially to disable the weekends, that's why above code is like that.and that is also not working properly. i'm unable to get where i've written the code wrongly.
pavan_ kumar 16-Sep-15 9:22am View    
finally i achieved this through by following the steps from the link below.
pavan_ kumar 16-Sep-15 0:56am View    
the data binding to asp dropdown if i call on pageload, if i call from onchange event of another dropdown data is not binding, i am wondering about this. how can i achieve this??????
pavan_ kumar 16-Sep-15 0:43am View    
yes..pagemethods is calling successfully and also all values are coming properly but there are not binding to asp dropdown control.