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Comments by Dimitri Nostarik (Top 25 by date)

Dimitri Nostarik 21-Jan-15 18:08pm View    
Thanks a lot Paul! Having a lot of fun here learning to create website. :-)
Dimitri Nostarik 9-Nov-14 10:28am View    
Thank you. The problem was resolved by doing the following query:
SELECT * FROM `members` WHERE `Username` = 123;
Dimitri Nostarik 25-Oct-14 16:49pm View    
Simply adjust your server by increasing an integer of connections when a connection is made, and decreasing an integer when a connection is lost? Then, if the integer exceeds a certain amount forcibly close the connection after showing a message?
Dimitri Nostarik 5-Aug-14 4:24am View    
Thanks for getting straight to the point. I'll go for C++, and Python after.
Dimitri Nostarik 5-Aug-14 4:20am View    
I've teached programming myself(I recently turned 17) by just messing with the code, and a Google every now and then, so some skills of programming are lacking - I agree with that.

I beg to differ about the comparison of languages, because every language is based upon another one - it all turns back to bits at some point. The real question is how many times does it need to translate more into bit-based information(Visual basic is a prime example of why you should not make a real language out of a programming language).

Python seems like a good choice, thank you a lot.