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Nathan Minier 22-Jul-21 9:13am View    
According to MDN innerContent is the same thing, but doesn't go through the HTML parser so has less overhead. I've never used it before, but that doesn't mean I'm not willing to give it a shot.
Nathan Minier 21-Jul-21 14:21pm View    
You're trying to apply a single object interaction to an array. No, it's not gonna work. Here's the documentation for the method you're using:

So, unless you want to use a single-element selector (such as getElementById) then you should iterate the result to apply your changes. Like so:

function chngetxt(){
var items = document.getElementsByClassName('items');
for(let i = 0; i < items.length; i++){
Nathan Minier 14-Sep-19 7:55am View    
1. Make sure that address is properly bound to your NIC.
2. Make sure something else isn't using that port.
3. Your system is likely configured to require admin rights to open a port on an external facing IP.

So, an easy way to check this:
Try running this code against a port on the localhost loopback ( for testing; that generally does not require admin rights.

If that works, delegate port rights to the service account that you plan to use to run the program via netsh urlacl
Nathan Minier 9-May-19 7:24am View    
It sort of depends on how you're loading the external site.
Child Window?
Nathan Minier 10-Apr-19 7:10am View    
Sure man, but this was bad practice in 1995. The question isn't THAT old :)