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Pravuprasad 7-Nov-14 4:38am View
This is the javascript code. But where is your code.Show that what you have done.
Pravuprasad 7-Nov-14 4:29am View
welcome :)
Pravuprasad 6-Nov-14 7:24am View
use jquery for this in jquery use prop().
function CheckAllProject () {
$(".class of your checkbox").prop('checked', true);
and call it on button click event of Button.
Pravuprasad 4-Nov-14 2:49am View
Create a object of the class using parameterised constructor (with required value) globally. And use that object where-ever need comes.
Pravuprasad 17-Oct-14 2:27am View
please share what you have done and where you got stocked? By this we can't see the actual problem.
Pravuprasad 16-Oct-14 8:22am View
go the folder where you create your Excel file,then right click,choose properties,then click on security tab,then click on edit,then choose add,then click on advanced,then click on find now ,then select everyone choose fuul control,then ok.
Pravuprasad 20-Sep-14 6:01am View
for this refer
Pravuprasad 18-Sep-14 7:01am View
use using keyword for adding namespace if reference is already added else right click on solution->add reference-> select .dll file and then use using namespacename;
Pravuprasad 15-Sep-14 9:07am View
no one can suggest you regarding this.Try yourself and tell us what u tried and where you stocked,they we will help you.
Pravuprasad 15-Sep-14 7:58am View

create dynamic base address like above.
Pravuprasad 29-Aug-14 2:37am View
searched this one earlier but unable to get the solution for making chart as interactive.
Pravuprasad 29-Aug-14 1:16am View
why? explain plz
Pravuprasad 28-Aug-14 9:01am View
here calendar1.SelectedDate is in string format and DateTime.Now is in datetime format. which will never be compairable as the datetime contains some time with it.
Pravuprasad 11-Aug-14 2:18am View
No,There is none for linq to sql classes. But if you try the other one you can do all stuffs as you want.
Pravuprasad 8-Aug-14 4:22am View
Pravuprasad 8-Aug-14 1:39am View
thanks 4 ur help interms of logic.
Pravuprasad 6-Aug-14 8:10am View
please add full action method code here.
Pravuprasad 6-Aug-14 8:04am View
what type of application means for simple application or mvc application.
Pravuprasad 1-Aug-14 7:04am View
Your question seems only 50% complete please explain it briefly.
Pravuprasad 1-Aug-14 6:54am View
Ask what type of tip you want here, every member will help you?
Pravuprasad 23-Jul-14 9:28am View
sorry but,i am not getting the solution here.
Pravuprasad 17-Jul-14 7:25am View
In which line error comes? use debugger for this.
Pravuprasad 14-Jul-14 4:27am View
where to check? Please Guide briefly.
Pravuprasad 11-Jul-14 9:06am View
for this why are you posting here? just go to google .
Pravuprasad 11-Jul-14 5:13am View
refer this link. and you can use HttpWebRequest in windows forms app also.
Pravuprasad 10-Jul-14 8:03am View
yeah ...
Pravuprasad 8-Jul-14 5:28am View
for this put the 2nd block of code inside a method and call that method Within page load or the place where you want to place according to your requirement. So no need to take care about it.when ever that method gets invoked then process will be done.

you can create a scheduler in back end for this
Pravuprasad 8-Jul-14 1:22am View
cmd.Parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@date",.....) its the different concept this will omit the error . And plz don't post same question every day. just refer your old one.
Pravuprasad 3-Jul-14 9:06am View
why it didn't work for you? What was the error?
Pravuprasad 3-Jul-14 0:52am View
go through this link
Pravuprasad 3-Jul-14 0:50am View
knowledge is logic is same for all whether i.e windows or web.
Pravuprasad 2-Jul-14 9:29am View
when browser gets closed then the session will also shut down.
Pravuprasad 2-Jul-14 2:58am View
please give sample code. with this code or tell about ur problem clearly.
Pravuprasad 1-Jul-14 1:14am View
what is the error please say in details
Pravuprasad 30-Jun-14 1:07am View
please go through below links.
Pravuprasad 28-Jun-14 6:44am View
try to get the point what i'm saying.While installing sql server in the server(Which will keep your sql server database) make sure global access to server is enable . And after doing this by giving your global ip (machine which contains your sql server ) as data source you can access your database globally,what ever that place is pune,mumbai,nashik,etc)
And if you can't store database in application . (for this you have to use sql express or other light weight dataserver)
Pravuprasad 28-Jun-14 2:14am View
i am not getting your problem.Please explain these.
From the above 3 values what u retrieve from database and what you want to populate in dropdown?
Pravuprasad 28-Jun-14 1:34am View
System.Windows.Forms namespace. Or right click on the error and choose "resolve" visual studio will add on behalf of you.
For further see below link
Pravuprasad 28-Jun-14 1:29am View
What is the problem please elaborate it .
Pravuprasad 27-Jun-14 8:27am View
Refer the 2nd link. You can get idea about that.
Pravuprasad 27-Jun-14 6:40am View
what is the issue please explain briefly.
Pravuprasad 27-Jun-14 6:14am View
what is your problem please explain.
Please don't post these type of question here . we are here to help and get suggestions .Please don't time pass here.
Pravuprasad 26-Jun-14 3:27am View
In the above case you can specify the MACHINE IP of the machine which is your data source and give that data source credential required . And make sure that Data source can be accessed through Network.
Pravuprasad 24-Jun-14 9:27am View
you can go through below links.
Pravuprasad 20-Jun-14 1:36am View
What type of error is it giving ?
May be its the connection string problem ? change that according to machine .
Pravuprasad 19-Jun-14 4:44am View
please elaborate properly about your problem,so that one can suggest you about the answer .
Pravuprasad 12-Jun-14 4:02am View
got the solution modified service endpoint and behaviour in <system.servicemodel> tag
Pravuprasad 11-Jun-14 23:27pm View
Wcf Test client Not Running.Mean it's giving error
Pravuprasad 7-Jun-14 1:58am View
In this case only Webhttp binding will work. And define that binding under <binding>in web.config
Pravuprasad 6-Jun-14 5:58am View
but give permission to port ,so that it can be used globally.
Pravuprasad 6-Jun-14 5:57am View
hmmm,absolutely can be hosted
Pravuprasad 6-Jun-14 5:01am View
how you unselected reuse types of reference assembly ?
Pravuprasad 6-Jun-14 2:59am View
this one is the perfect suggestion for your problem .
Pravuprasad 6-Jun-14 2:45am View
i'm not getting you ,your error is at accesslevelid/lastordefault() ?
Pravuprasad 5-Jun-14 7:37am View
See the above answer probably it may help you out.
Pravuprasad 5-Jun-14 4:42am View
yeah i've tried ,but that was already installed, the issue got solved by servicemodelreg.exe -iru command
Pravuprasad 28-May-14 1:41am View
thanks for the quick response ,but here i'm not getting the solution . My requirement is after the getting the byte[] how can i convert that to image so that i can store the path of the image into database .
Pravuprasad 23-May-14 7:12am View
Dats correct,but my question is while we are doing nothing regarding the handler ,but our mvc application runs without any error . So how it happens?
Pravuprasad 23-May-14 6:43am View
Try to use the entity framework . By doing this you can give default time out in web.config as well as in modelcontext class . If you are interested then give reply.
Pravuprasad 22-May-14 9:28am View
Your solution is partially correct . Its solution is to increase default timeout in web.config which takes value in secs . And this time out should be within connectionstring tag.
Pravuprasad 22-May-14 2:03am View
It's completely copy() instead of clone() because clone() only copies the definition but not data . While copy() does both .