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Comments by sara74 (Top 13 by date)

sara74 31-Mar-15 5:17am View    
i think but i don't know how i can do this. can you help me? do you have any idea or algorithm for do this? do you know what do i do?
sara74 17-Oct-14 5:34am View    
ok. sorry. i mean i want to calculate the order of this code but i don't know how many times this loop executes. can you tell me? i think a lot but i cant understand
sara74 2-Oct-14 11:39am View    
thanks a lot my friends.
sara74 2-Oct-14 10:34am View    
the definition and declaration part
sara74 2-Oct-14 10:26am View    
sorry but i can't find it. can you tell me?