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Member 10872485 11-Sep-14 8:28am View    
Thank you :)
Don't worry for let reply ...
Member 10872485 10-Sep-14 3:26am View    
Thank you :)
Member 10872485 9-Sep-14 9:18am View    
Hi Suvabrata Roy,

Can you give me your oppinion about this :

Thank you in advance :)
Member 10872485 20-Aug-14 10:33am View    
Thank you very much, I'm proud to learn from your experience and your knowledge :)
Member 10872485 20-Aug-14 6:04am View    
Yes, I'm using warping class then core code, this is HttpUploadHelper in UploadHelper library. It's advanced uploading with HttpWebRequest. This library provides an upload method that can upload multiple files and form variables in one request. But WebClient works for single file with no other form variables and you're right, it will be very good for anonymous sites but not for authentication based sites.

For testing my code, I just write (in php) :


After I will to apply it on a web application made ​​by the framework codeigniter.