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Comments by Jafarinejadvazifehkhorani (Top 28 by date)

it's not clear, add more info if you want us to help you
I don't understand which part works fine and which part doesn't, Please update the question and provide the whole code and say what the problem is
Jafarinejadvazifehkhorani 27-Jun-14 11:59am View
it doesn't make sense for me unless you explain it can send consecutive requests and recognize them on the server by authenticating the sender.
if the versions are matched , please provide code
good to here that the problem is resolved :)
Jafarinejadvazifehkhorani 26-Jun-14 17:32pm View
answer is updated
Jafarinejadvazifehkhorani 26-Jun-14 12:30pm View
please provide the code in the case that you want us to help you.and there is a good example here
Jafarinejadvazifehkhorani 25-Jun-14 11:28am View
I tested your code, it seems everything is fine, please provide more information if you have the problem. every thing is controlled in your code but this part
string strpassword = Encryptdata(txtpassword.Text);
if it throws any exception, you might not be able to catch it. so to resolve that you need to move this line into try,catch block :)
Jafarinejadvazifehkhorani 25-Jun-14 10:44am View
could you provide the code of your login page and also web.config
Jafarinejadvazifehkhorani 24-Jun-14 18:50pm View
Yes, that's right you need to kick it off from WF then while you are working on that you will need to study it anyways :). Please make it as answer if it helped
Jafarinejadvazifehkhorani 24-Jun-14 18:38pm View
answer is updated :)
Jafarinejadvazifehkhorani 24-Jun-14 18:36pm View
if my solution helped you , please vote or make it as an answer please.
Jafarinejadvazifehkhorani 24-Jun-14 18:29pm View
if it helped please make it as an answer
Jafarinejadvazifehkhorani 23-Jun-14 16:57pm View
it's not clear, please add more info
Jafarinejadvazifehkhorani 23-Jun-14 15:52pm View
please provide the code in order to make it clearer.
Jafarinejadvazifehkhorani 23-Jun-14 10:40am View
please provide your 'drawVisualization' method implementation to make it clearer.
it's not very clear, can you provide more info?
Jafarinejadvazifehkhorani 22-Jun-14 23:29pm View
if you provide the code, it is gonna be very helpful
Jafarinejadvazifehkhorani 21-Jun-14 11:25am View
then mark it as an answer
Jafarinejadvazifehkhorani 20-Jun-14 13:34pm View
what do you mean by ' i dont understand how it make in image file'? you mean you can't save the image? please explain it a little bit more
Jafarinejadvazifehkhorani 20-Jun-14 11:57am View
as I mentioned in the solution you should change "_" to '_'
Thanks Agent-Spock for adding brackets :)
Jafarinejadvazifehkhorani 19-Jun-14 17:22pm View
but I have the same code here , and it's working. anyways good to know that problem is resolved.
Jafarinejadvazifehkhorani 19-Jun-14 17:20pm View
provide Form2.conecxionsyscon.Close(); and Form2.conecxionsyscon.CreateCommand(); code as well in order to be able to help you .
Jafarinejadvazifehkhorani 19-Jun-14 15:00pm View
it seems that GUID is generating two times, one before saving the file and the other one just before inserting into the table. if you want us to help more, please add more details about the code
the answer is updated
Jafarinejadvazifehkhorani 18-Jun-14 15:56pm View
string date = "01/08/2008";
DateTime dt = Convert.ToDateTime(date);

it's very simple
you can find some examples in the following link, I will publish a article with samples very soon