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Comments by Travlintom (Top 11 by date)

Travlintom 3-Jan-15 19:41pm View
Hey Bruno "GFY"
Travlintom 1-Jan-15 0:58am View
I tried your code and recieved a whole page of errors instead of one.
Travlintom 1-Jan-15 0:44am View
Line 7 is the line with the foreach. Sorry.
Travlintom 20-Oct-14 13:45pm View
Davester - I basically used your solution #6. I created two functions. The first checks to see if any forms are open, the second if any checkboxes are checked. I combinded them in one more function that states if no forms are open and no boxes checked then it opens the main form. Otherwise it goes and opens up the next checkbox. Works perfectly, I just have to put it right after each process finishes. I have also started working with some test threads in a different app and really appreciate your code. Thanks again.
Travlintom 1-Oct-14 22:40pm View
Pete, thank you so much. I will start testing it to try to get a handle on it. It does seem formidable to me. But I can certainly see the benefits of using a thread. Thanks for the time you spent on this. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.
Travlintom 1-Oct-14 19:44pm View
Thanks Pete, I really appreciate it. Can you run two forms on two separate threads? And if you do, do modal forms interrupt the threads? Just curious. Thanks again.
Travlintom 1-Oct-14 18:57pm View
Sorry Pete, did not see your response as I was away. I would like to see example code as I have never done any threading and it seems complicated to me. I will look into learning it though. Thanks again.
Travlintom 30-Sep-14 17:52pm View
Davester, Thanks, great solution but it stil errors out at the "f.bolCompleteWork" portion of the code. Is this a variable I should be creating? I don't see it referred to in any way in the function.
Travlintom 30-Sep-14 15:22pm View
Davester, Where are you getting the FSBol.completed work from? Are you creating a separate method? That portion of the code errors out for me. Thanks.
Travlintom 15-Jun-14 0:16am View
No Emre, just the opposite, I want to be able to run all the forms from the class if possible. Thanks for the reply.
Travlintom 15-Jun-14 0:14am View
It's a class. There are forms. If I wanted a smart ass reply, I would have asked for one!