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Comments by Manoj B. Kalla (Top 22 by date)

Manoj B. Kalla 7-Sep-15 1:36am View
Sorry, I forget to check.. I will take care next time. Thank you for reminding me.
Manoj B. Kalla 29-Sep-14 6:10am View
Thank you..
Manoj B. Kalla 14-Aug-14 5:30am View
Have you installed printer driver perfectly?
If not, check it following : Download Updated printer driver for your O/S.

Is it print Word document file?

If yes, then you should check your program first then show your detailed code here.
Manoj B. Kalla 14-Aug-14 5:27am View
You want to 6 nos. of gap while stepping ahead.
Manoj B. Kalla 14-Aug-14 5:19am View
Can you show your detail code ?

Are you using SMTP or Normal emailing codes.

Manoj Kalla
Manoj B. Kalla 13-Aug-14 2:31am View
Dear Member 10463904,

If your, one table working properly, Just put in loop for processing. Suppoose, your data (worksheet's sheet) interlinked with eachother. Then I, Use LINQ for updating and make relationship update same.

Its so, simple.

Thank You.
Manoj B. Kalla 13-Aug-14 2:21am View
Can you explain again in detail? please. About your Model,view ,controller. What is and how to do any mendatory things involve in this (means any fix pattern guided to you).
Manoj B. Kalla 12-Aug-14 9:46am View
required only in EXCEL?
Manoj B. Kalla 11-Aug-14 8:12am View
Dear Ananth,

As I under stand your question, You can join two table with condition, Create a fields for dynamic style purposes.

Put your table1 image and table2 image and your MVC code . So I can fruther give you an ideal.

Thank You.
Manoj B. Kalla 9-Aug-14 2:23am View
Dear Gaurav,

According to user agent we have to change code or wirte different style of html code.
Thank You.
Manoj B. Kalla 6-Aug-14 3:25am View
Dear Dave Kreskowiak sir,

I searched and got my answer.

Thanks for your answers.
Manoj B. Kalla 5-Aug-14 8:41am View
Dear Dave,

I want to add a new property like

public string ChannelArea {get;set;}

and want used in EDIT view only.

For this I want to create a new model again. But I want to add new property runtime. For this what should I do.
Manoj B. Kalla 25-Jul-14 11:07am View
I got answer, because of script version its shows error.
Its done.
Manoj B. Kalla 16-Jul-14 0:53am View
Can you post your homecontroller.cs and view-->Home folder.

Check :
1. In your view, please check you have used masterpage or not.
If yes correct syntax of that.

2. Check Get & Post attribute or submit or script any fired.

3. previously all guides you to check route config.

Thank You.
Manoj B. Kalla 21-Jun-14 4:39am View
I suggest you should go through pure C# code, with help of C# loop and create your own Header method and detail method (line by line print method) in HTML type of code.

foreach(gridviewrow row in gridview.rows)

thisway you can achieve.

Print it this doucment like PRINT TO FILE format.
Manoj B. Kalla 20-Jun-14 3:49am View
As I had seen your Capture image , I think there problem of DLL.
Manoj B. Kalla 20-Jun-14 3:16am View
Start your visual studio as administrator and check.
Manoj B. Kalla 20-Jun-14 3:09am View
Describe your question with screen shot.
Manoj B. Kalla 20-Jun-14 3:05am View
Can you describe in more detail.
Manoj B. Kalla 18-Jun-14 1:21am View
Which database you are using for this project?
as per your database we will use connection.

Let me explain how we fetch datas from database.

1. establish connection.
2. Dataadapter.
3. Fill dataset.
4. Dataset's particular row data we will associate with your textbox as per your condition.
Manoj B. Kalla 16-Jun-14 2:04am View
Can you show me your code also.
Manoj B. Kalla 16-Jun-14 1:59am View
Display your code also, give detail of what exactly you facing a problem.