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Comments by D. Infuehr (Top 3 by date)

D. Infuehr 7-Oct-16 11:25am View     CRLF
I want to achieve C++ like syntax. The best so far is Foo->Print(Foo). I want to get Foo inside of Print without passing it as an argument explicitly. On a Forum where people really answer the question and dont just tell me its impossible, someone has pointed out that i could write a memory access callback invoked when the Foo->Print location is accessed which pushes Foo onto the stack. Then I can call print like it is supposed to work. (like the this pointer) Does somebody know how to do that?
D. Infuehr 3-Oct-16 15:30pm View     CRLF
In C++ this would be trivial. I want to use C++ like syntax in C. I have altered my question to clarify. Basically String* r = New_String("Hello"); r->Free(r); Should become r->Free(); so that the instance does not have to be passed to the methods themselfes.
D. Infuehr 3-Oct-16 15:28pm View     CRLF
The compiler cant choose because it complains that no overload is suitable. My question is about how to Pass the Function around with a single Parameter (of the function) set to a specific value. I have changed my question to clarify.