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Comments by Ganesh B Patil (Top 6 by date)

Ganesh B Patil 28-May-19 4:34am View    
Hello Rick,
I am working on an application where I have used Windows form WebBrowser control (which is the component used in internet explorer) to browse the web pages. Now whenever the user clicks on open in new window I want to open that link in my own application may be in another window/form instead of the default window which has Internet Explorer logo on it.
Ganesh B Patil 19-Feb-19 5:09am View    
I have checked the current result of camera set to high resolution with Micro Soft Office Lens and found no lag(Tried also with Micro Soft Default Camera).
Hence, I was wondering what could be the technique use by them.
Please suggest if the same camera and resolution works smoothly, then which API should I use to minimize the lag.
Ganesh B Patil 6-Aug-18 9:25am View    
I have tested using dumpbin tool.
It is showing below dependencies...


Please tell me how to resolve these dependency.Which Runtime and Redistributable package is required.
Ganesh B Patil 3-Aug-18 12:13pm View    
Yes, that dll is already present in installed directory.
Because it is working fine when there is Visual Studio installed.
Ganesh B Patil 9-Jul-18 7:28am View    
Thanks for reply, I want to just control the connected web camera(eg. Logitech) settings like AutoFocus, Auto Exposure setting on or off etc