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Comments by RenaldoGG (Top 4 by date)

RenaldoGG 16-Apr-15 5:03am View    
sorry I am not sure where the problem is, if it is my binding of data.
RenaldoGG 15-Apr-15 5:39am View    
it also doesn't work but is worth knowing thanks, the items are added in the listview but doesn't show any text.
RenaldoGG 14-Nov-14 2:02am View    
Sorry I am still new to this, the GetSelectCommand(); shows an error does not contain definition. I have checked my using directives, is it wpf code or windows forms?
RenaldoGG 13-Nov-14 6:02am View    
This Helps a lot and sorry if this is a stupid question. If I want to use these events with my sql, to save the data changed in the datagrid to sql would I do it in the same manner as if I was using textboxes using sqlcommands, datatables and dataAdapters?