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Comments by Vijendra(VJ) (Top 7 by date)

Vijendra(VJ) 28-May-15 5:27am View
No where a div tag should be present. Declare a table at the root level. And then for each row add a tr tag and then for each cell or control add a td tag.
Vijendra(VJ) 26-May-15 6:48am View
How is this going to solve the issue. Can I have a precise solution please. Thanks
Vijendra(VJ) 27-Nov-14 5:58am View
please mark as answer.if this has helped you
Vijendra(VJ) 8-Aug-14 5:33am View
whats the problem Mr. Marine Azizyan?
Isnt this working ?
Vijendra(VJ) 5-Aug-14 6:19am View
Is the tooltip not appearing or are you getting an error?
Vijendra(VJ) 5-Aug-14 6:16am View
Hi Do you have query strings in the URL's ?
Vijendra(VJ) 5-Aug-14 3:50am View
Can you please accept this as answer if this works for you.