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PSK_ 14-May-15 7:16am View
Instead of "select count(*) from Orders where ProductID=1" try using CROSS APPLY for better performance.
PSK_ 19-Mar-14 3:56am View
Reason for my vote of 3 \n You should also cover Partial Views, Modules, Dependency Injection, Filters & Data Bindings when talking about Angular.JS
PSK_ 5-Jul-11 4:17am View
Good catch :) Fixed now. Thanks
PSK_ 4-Jul-11 5:26am View
Are the values which you are trying to insert are coming from some other table?
PSK_ 4-Jul-11 4:42am View
What is your requirement? Learn the patterns and real-world examples of their uses.
PSK_ 4-Jul-11 2:17am View
"L24789A-12345Ax.DAT" is this a file name?
PSK_ 30-Jun-11 2:46am View
What are the problems you are facing?
PSK_ 3-Jun-11 8:02am View
If you are planning to write your own logic for translation, i think that will be really a complex and big task specially when you just want to translate some text.
PSK_ 15-Nov-10 2:59am View
If your issue is resolved in that case you should close this question.
PSK_ 11-Nov-10 0:22am View
For your scenario you should make the second column as calculated field. Which depends on the value of first column instead of a trigger.
PSK_ 11-Nov-10 0:21am View
I have updated the answer for this answer.
PSK_ 11-Nov-10 0:06am View
SQL designer removes the previously created identity once you create a new one.
PSK_ 10-Nov-10 23:58pm View
How you have created 2 identity column, SQL server allows only one identity column in a table??
PSK_ 8-Nov-10 10:28am View
You should post this in the dedicated forum present for that particular article you can find that in in the bottom section.
PSK_ 8-Nov-10 10:17am View
I have fixed both the links, try now
PSK_ 8-Nov-10 5:40am View
I think there is some issue with the CP editor it changes the html to htm extension when you paste a link.
PSK_ 8-Nov-10 5:35am View
I have fixed the broken links, can you please check now.
PSK_ 8-Nov-10 5:17am View
Your query is not clear, can you explain it little more.
PSK_ 8-Nov-10 4:18am View
If you are running your request behind a proxy in that case you need to supply the credentials to the request.
PSK_ 22-Oct-10 6:47am View
After deploying are you getting any error and what is the behavior of button after click?
PSK_ 19-Oct-10 2:25am View
Great, here no one knows about your application, you need to design your BAL and DAL layer by yourself, try learning n-tier architecture. Develop you BAL layer and expose WCF service contracts over that.
PSK_ 25-Aug-10 2:32am View
What is the issue? Custom form property is not different from the properties you normally defines.
PSK_ 23-Aug-10 2:22am View
Thats what I am telling you, use indexers
PSK_ 23-Aug-10 2:16am View
ASP.NET or Windows application?
PSK_ 23-Aug-10 2:14am View
In that case you can define "indexer" on your collection. Accessing object by index should be more efficient than accessing it any other way.
PSK_ 23-Aug-10 1:24am View
If you know the index in that case you can access it through it.
PSK_ 18-Aug-10 2:08am View
You can't get the value back to "hellow" by the default GetHashCode() method. By the way why do you want to do this?
PSK_ 16-Aug-10 2:42am View
When you are developing a class library that can be used by some other application in that case your public classes needs some helper classes that are not relevant for outside world such classes you make internal.
PSK_ 16-Aug-10 2:00am View
I have updated the answer, you can do like as mentioned in the answer.
PSK_ 5-Aug-10 10:55am View
You need to go through the API documentation. I have not implemented this but I am sure that the API can be accessed through any language.
PSK_ 20-Jul-10 1:52am View
Looks like this question is related to some article, ask you question in the Article forum itself you can find that in the bottom of the article.
PSK_ 20-Jul-10 1:21am View
I don't think that you can bind the property of a class stored in session, in sessionfield you can specify only a key stored in session.
PSK_ 2-Jul-10 1:34am View
Why are you not using TableLayoutPanel of a GridView control for this?
PSK_ 1-Jul-10 3:41am View
What error you are getting?
PSK_ 30-Jun-10 10:07am View
Its a good practice to include Severity Level and Log Level in our custom exception class. This helps in analyzing and logging of the exception.
PSK_ 30-Jun-10 10:00am View
Why just two shortcuts? Following link list all of these.[^][^]
PSK_ 26-Jun-10 11:33am View
Once you will purchase space, hosting company will provide you a control panel and FTP details. You can configure you SQL through the control panel and just copy your site at provided FTP location. For more help you can contact the help desk of the hosting company.
PSK_ 26-Jun-10 8:21am View
Provide more details.
PSK_ 26-Jun-10 7:10am View
Reason for my vote of 1
PSK_ 26-Jun-10 3:39am View
Don't mention your original email id and password. You have provided your valid gmail id and password
PSK_ 26-Jun-10 3:36am View
Please use pre tags for your code blocks.
PSK_ 24-Jun-10 13:12pm View
Where is the question?
PSK_ 24-Jun-10 12:42pm View
Add a custom template column with button. What is the problem?
PSK_ 24-Jun-10 2:45am View
Find this in the code you have posted

newdiv.innerHTML = 'Element Number '+num+' has been added! <a href='#' onclick = 'removeElement('+divIdName+')'>Remove the div "'+divIdName+'"</a>'

there is a semicolon missing add it.
PSK_ 24-Jun-10 1:59am View
";" was missing in the function.

Try this

<script type="text/javascript">
function addElement()
var ni = document.getElementById('myDiv');
var numi = document.getElementById('theValue');
var num = (document.getElementById('theValue').value -1)+ 2;
numi.value = num;
var newdiv = document.createElement('div');
var divIdName = 'my'+num+'Div';
newdiv.innerHTML = 'Element Number ' + num +' has been added! <a href='#' onclick = 'removeElement('+divIdName

+')'>Remove the div "'+divIdName+'"</a>' ;

<input type="hidden" value="0" id="theValue" />
<p><a href="javascript:;" onclick="addElement();">Add Some Elements</a></p>
<div id="myDiv"> </div>

PSK_ 23-Jun-10 1:08am View
Instead of passing column id you can pass the column index. In your function iterate the gridview for each row, and get the value of the column index from the row and do as you are doing in your RowDataBound evet.
PSK_ 22-Jun-10 4:34am View
Yes, that can be done, you need to analyze the html source and try to attach the js events on elements.
PSK_ 21-Jun-10 23:22pm View
Don't mention your email id on public forums.
PSK_ 21-Jun-10 21:51pm View
If your issue is resolved then close the question.
PSK_ 20-Jun-10 10:58am View
You are talking about windows or web?
PSK_ 18-Jun-10 4:24am View
What you have done till now? What are the issues you are facing?
PSK_ 16-Jun-10 5:41am View
Can you explain what do you mean by directory information?
PSK_ 16-Jun-10 5:34am View
use pre tags for your code blocks.
PSK_ 16-Jun-10 0:56am View
If you want some static pages without any server side code and controls in that case you can go for a HTML page. In this type of page you can only use client side scripting using javascript and for display you need to use the standard html controls.
In case you are using some server side control like treeview & linkbutton(what you are using) you need to have a aspx page and you need a webserver to run the page. In visual studio there is a inbuilt web-server you just need to create a website add your aspx page, copy the markup, copy the js file in the same folder where your aspx page exist and hit the F5 button or run icon.
For more details you can search on google or Code Project for this.
PSK_ 15-Jun-10 7:58am View
Are you getting any error? Can you confirm that your query select "subcategory1 from subcategory where cateid='1'" is returning something?
PSK_ 15-Jun-10 6:02am View
You got it :)
PSK_ 15-Jun-10 1:36am View
Did you checked your website on Crome?
PSK_ 15-Jun-10 1:11am View
Are you getting any exception? Have you checked the event logs?
PSK_ 13-Jun-10 1:10am View
Do you want to get the data from database and render it to HTML?
PSK_ 10-Jun-10 21:51pm View
Please use pre tag for code block.
PSK_ 10-Jun-10 4:39am View
Please don't post a new question as answer, instead of this you can add comment to the answer for further query.

Regarding your question. If your want the AJAX portion to work independently in that case you can use grouping of the validation control, and do validation on the groups.
PSK_ 10-Jun-10 2:30am View
If your issue is resolved in that case you can close the question so that other will know.
PSK_ 10-Jun-10 1:27am View
What exception your are getting?
PSK_ 9-Jun-10 8:47am View
Same this is working fine for me so it should also work for you.
PSK_ 9-Jun-10 8:41am View
Try deleting your global.asax file and add it again.
PSK_ 9-Jun-10 8:17am View
Clear your browser cache; your xml file might be cached by your browser. Can you confirm that for normal .aspx pages this event is getting executed?
PSK_ 9-Jun-10 7:27am View
It seems that your connection string is not correct, can you check your host name and port number are correct.
PSK_ 9-Jun-10 7:20am View
I told you to add the reference of the System.Web library to you project. Right click on the solution explorer -> Add reference and select System.Web from the list.
PSK_ 9-Jun-10 6:21am View
Reason for my vote of 1
PSK_ 9-Jun-10 6:21am View
Are you testing something?
PSK_ 9-Jun-10 6:07am View
If your issue is resolved then you can close the question.
PSK_ 9-Jun-10 6:00am View
Reason for my vote of 1
This doesn’t seems to be a good solution, why to store the data in the hard disk?
PSK_ 9-Jun-10 5:19am View
Are you looking this for windows based application or web-based(ASP.NET) application?
PSK_ 8-Jun-10 22:12pm View
Server.HtmlEncode have two overload method
1- Server.HtmlEncode(string s)
and 2- Server.HtmlEncode(string s, TextWriter tw)
If "customers" is string (as you are setting it to a text of label) in that case you should not get any error.
PSK_ 8-Jun-10 6:13am View
nvarchar(MAX) is perfectly fine for storing long text. Check Rte1.Text is getting value and you are properly passing this value to you SP. Use debugging to track the value.
PSK_ 7-Jun-10 6:55am View
Have you followed the steps mentioned in the link?
PSK_ 7-Jun-10 6:51am View
Do you want to preserve the form or the data present in the form? Why you are looking for Serialization why not directly storing the data into the database?
PSK_ 7-Jun-10 4:12am View
If you found the answers then you can close your questions.
PSK_ 4-Jun-10 10:00am View
What you have done till now?
PSK_ 4-Jun-10 9:41am View
What are the issues your are facing while retrieving the data, any exception? If yes in that case provide the exception details.
PSK_ 3-Jun-10 8:02am View
If your issue has been resolved in that case you can mark the questions as closed.
PSK_ 3-Jun-10 7:33am View
Yes I have replied to your new thread.
PSK_ 3-Jun-10 0:29am View
What type of data your text file contains?
PSK_ 2-Jun-10 6:06am View
What is the return type of method AnnulerPaiement of class Service1
PSK_ 2-Jun-10 6:01am View
Can you explain in detail what type of messages you want to send?
PSK_ 2-Jun-10 0:49am View
Can you provide more details what exactly you are looking for?
PSK_ 1-Jun-10 8:54am View
It’s not possible to find the problem without checking the code, can you provide the code block you are having problem.
PSK_ 31-May-10 8:36am View
FileSystemWatcher won't work over ftp, it is meant for local system only.
If you can’t install your application on the FTP server in that case you need to write a pooling service which takes cares of the file updates manually. Just remember that in FTP the file gets written in parts so make sure that file is complete before starting your process.
PSK_ 31-May-10 7:23am View
Please update your original question?
PSK_ 31-May-10 7:14am View
Can you clearly mention what you are looking for?
PSK_ 31-May-10 5:59am View
//Once you are able to find the control, just attach the delegate
//This will fire on click of the button.
//Attach this event on OnInit event.
Button1.Click += delegate(object btnSender, EventArgs e1)
//Your Code here..

PSK_ 29-May-10 23:57pm View
What is the issue you are facing?
PSK_ 27-May-10 12:21pm View
Reason for my vote of 1
Where is the array??
PSK_ 27-May-10 0:53am View
Reason for my vote of 1
Do you expect similar answers for your questions also?
PSK_ 26-May-10 23:56pm View
Can you proved the exception details?
PSK_ 26-May-10 8:17am View
This is really unprofessional voting 1 like this. I tried to explain the best possible any one can understand from your question. Be nice if you want to get help from others.
PSK_ 24-May-10 2:55am View
Check following links to create Templated Custom Control.