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Sajid227 11-Jan-19 13:58pm View    
Oh, is it? can we design something for its solution
Sajid227 11-Jan-19 12:11pm View    
Hi Thanks for your comment. this is project requirement, no a research work, client want a web site where user enter query and query is answered through trained model of nlp, like knowledge base chat bot in MS. Hope you understand now.
Sajid227 4-Aug-17 1:28am View    
I have done a test by disabling tls 1.0 on my local machine ,same thing is repeated. local machine with OS WIN 10,IIS above 7.0.
Sajid227 7-Apr-17 6:53am View    
thanx Genius of search.
Sajid227 21-Mar-17 4:37am View    
Nice explanation.I want to use this solution in web job in cloud.I want to run the code of this aspx page,which is written in page_load method.without showing page or console window to end user,will your propose solution help me this way?