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Comments by sankarisiva (Top 49 by date)

sankarisiva 30-Nov-17 8:41am View    
Thanks. If you have any site reference for this implementation please share the link
sankarisiva 2-May-17 10:19am View    
Thanks for your answer. This answer will be very helpful to prove this won't be implemented to some of my friends who requested this question.
sankarisiva 2-May-17 7:54am View    
Can you help me on dynamically changing ownership of a directory using c# code
sankarisiva 2-May-17 7:06am View    
Shall I give directory ownership to the current user using owner name(admin username) by set owner
sankarisiva 2-May-17 6:55am View    
Actually some one running automation job who didn't have write access. I am going to add write access to that guy while he/she running automation. This is original requirement