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sankarisiva 30-Nov-17 8:41am View
Thanks. If you have any site reference for this implementation please share the link
sankarisiva 2-May-17 10:19am View
Thanks for your answer. This answer will be very helpful to prove this won't be implemented to some of my friends who requested this question.
sankarisiva 2-May-17 7:54am View
Can you help me on dynamically changing ownership of a directory using c# code
sankarisiva 2-May-17 7:06am View
Shall I give directory ownership to the current user using owner name(admin username) by set owner
sankarisiva 2-May-17 6:55am View
Actually some one running automation job who didn't have write access. I am going to add write access to that guy while he/she running automation. This is original requirement
sankarisiva 2-May-17 6:50am View
The requirement is, Run application from account which not having write permission.
sankarisiva 11-Nov-16 8:50am View
Thanks this method works fine Mehdi Gholam...
sankarisiva 11-Nov-16 8:50am View
Thanks. This method works fine
sankarisiva 11-Nov-16 5:15am View
You are correct. But i can't change the source dbf file.This is the problem i am facing
sankarisiva 11-Nov-16 5:08am View
Sorry I can't get your thought. I am having a columns like a,b,c,d,... totally 74 columns and 850000+ records, How can I filter this. There is no constraint with the datas
sankarisiva 11-Nov-16 5:03am View
I think in my situation filtering data is not possible. I need to load all those data available in the dbf file. Can you suggest me a different solution?
sankarisiva 11-Nov-16 4:54am View
Are you saying like insert into sql table by chunks of dbf records. i am right?
sankarisiva 11-Nov-16 4:50am View
I have set my build platform as x86. Then only i could the dbf file
sankarisiva 11-Nov-16 4:44am View
I am running on 86bit
sankarisiva 11-Nov-16 4:22am View
I have already those methods, Those produce exception as syntax error
sankarisiva 11-Nov-16 4:13am View
Sorry for the delay and thanks for your reply. I have tried this method but it produces timeout exception and no records are inserted into the destination table.
sankarisiva 11-Nov-16 2:43am View
Because I need to load this whole data into a sql table. If i datatable has whole data then i can use bulkinsert option to load into the sql table
sankarisiva 3-Nov-16 6:55am View
Thank you very much Jochen. It's working fine now. The results are very accurate.
sankarisiva 3-Nov-16 6:26am View
Thank you...
sankarisiva 3-Nov-16 5:48am View
Thank you. I am not worked with worker thread in past. So now i am learning the key point to use the worker thread and will post my comment after getting the best result. Thank you again
sankarisiva 3-Nov-16 5:35am View
ohh. With worker thread we can solve this problem? Can you give some example or link
sankarisiva 3-Nov-16 5:28am View
I am having a single DBF file. can you help on to break this file into small chunks Or write a query to read few hundred of rows at a time. My current query is " Select * from instable.dbf"
sankarisiva 3-Nov-16 5:24am View
Thanks for your reply. But this solution not improving the process..... i am getting the same result what i got before this change
sankarisiva 3-Nov-16 5:21am View
Totally 800000+ records. By looping the oleDbDataReader i am reading a one record at a time and writing that record into CSV file.
sankarisiva 3-Nov-16 5:10am View
I am getting the error like " The CLR has been unable to transition from COM context 0x50aea88 to COM context 0x50aebf8 for 60 seconds. The thread that owns the destination context/apartment is most likely either doing a non pumping wait or processing a very long running operation without pumping Windows messages. This situation generally has a negative performance impact and may even lead to the application becoming non responsive or memory usage accumulating continually over time. To avoid this problem, all single threaded apartment (STA) threads should use pumping wait primitives (such as CoWaitForMultipleHandles) and routinely pump messages during long running operations. "
sankarisiva 19-Nov-15 2:34am View
Now, My request is i want to stop this browser downloading. It is possible to play a video Without this browser downloading.
sankarisiva 19-Nov-15 2:24am View
Sorry, I think you misunderstand my question. I need to play a video in web application. From my knowledge,before viewing a image or video in a website Browser first download it in local after that it play or show a image in website from local. Are you accept this?
sankarisiva 16-Oct-15 5:56am View
I added the below code in my Session_End function but the same null exception error is produced for dependency resover.
var container = new UnityContainer();
container.RegisterType<iuseractivitylogservice, useractivitylogservice="">();
DependencyResolver.SetResolver(new UnityDependencyResolver(container));
sankarisiva 16-Oct-15 4:59am View
As per you advice i checked DespendencyResovler.Current is null or not.
var testDependencResolver = DependencyResolver.Current; Here the testDependencResolver gets error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object".
sankarisiva 8-Jul-15 2:52am View
Now i'm updated my Entity Framework to 6.1. After that when i build my solution it produces the following error The type or namespace name 'EntityState' does not exist in the namespace 'System.Data' (are you missing an assembly reference?)
sankarisiva 8-Jul-15 2:36am View
Yes, you are correct my team running mysql version no. 6.1 but i have mysql version no. 6.2.4 and all in our team including me having entity framework 5.0. I think this is issue. Am i right?
sankarisiva 7-Jul-15 8:30am View
Sorry, I forget to tell one thing when run the contains query directly in mysql it returns correct result. The Problem here is when i trying to run contains query with Linq only.
sankarisiva 3-Jul-15 3:35am View
Even if i remove comma the same error is occur
sankarisiva 11-Jun-15 6:45am View
Thanks. I find solution
sankarisiva 11-Jun-15 6:31am View
thank you, but i want to empty only 3rd td.
sankarisiva 21-Mar-15 7:32am View
Hi, we also tried with this method but this also is not working
sankarisiva 6-Feb-15 2:49am View
Thankyou, i forget one thing i'm opening a new window using
", "_blank", "toolbar=no, scrollbars=yes, resizable=no, top=100, left=250, width=1125, height=800");" code i like to hide the query string in the new opening window only, i tried location = no|0 in the above code but i'm helpless
sankarisiva 31-Jan-15 2:33am View
thank you, it converts
sankarisiva 28-Jan-15 7:49am View
return File(fileDetails.FilePath, "application/msword"); i'm using this code to view word document it did't open any word file it produces a popup that says you want to open or download the file,my requirement is my client only able to see the file not to download the file so only i'm trying to convert word to image files.
sankarisiva 28-Jan-15 6:35am View
Thanks, i need to view uploaded word document in my mvc4 web application please help me?
sankarisiva 23-Jan-15 1:44am View
Thank you for your valuable answer i want convert the whole .txt file not a single line text to image is this code convert the whole .txt document to image?
sankarisiva 23-Jan-15 1:39am View
Thank you for you valuable answer i want to convert the whole .txt document not a single line text to image is this convert the whole .txt document to image?
sankarisiva 22-Jan-15 7:29am View
Ya, i'm not install ghostscript exe file i'm using cyotek.ghostscript.dll,cyotek.ghostscript.pdfconversion.dll as reference to my project it's functions correctly on single request it did't function correctly on more than one request when arrive.
sankarisiva 22-Jan-15 3:10am View
Ghostscript pdf conversion can support multithreading?
sankarisiva 12-Jan-15 1:28am View
Thankyou for you comment
sankarisiva 6-Jan-15 2:14am View
i'm used the code from the following website but it does't load my pdf files i thing the onload function does't work for this
sankarisiva 5-Jan-15 1:44am View
Thank you but I need example c# code in MVC4 to convert pdf file to flash file and then display it to user please tell me how to do it.
sankarisiva 2-Dec-14 7:37am View
thanks for your suggestion but i'm could't able to use this class concept, because this partial view had been used for all the page's in my project
if i will use this class concept i become to modify all the class's used for all the pages in my project please suggest me with some other concept.
sankarisiva 2-Sep-14 7:14am View
i have no error
in my project when i attempt to pickup 20 MB data from the database it takes more time exactly 2 mint some time i got timeout errors during pickup event what kind of solution for this problem