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Member 11072126 25-Jul-23 2:43am View    
@Graeme_Grant - This is a legacy application. Not allowed to change the table design. But, need these IDs to be set in respective fields. Kindly, suggest some way out.
Member 11072126 12-May-23 7:55am View    
Yes I thought of taking their help but I do not have enough information regarding Registration ID and other info may be. So, thought of posting here.

Its true that without the code its really difficult to find out the solution. But, I thought may be someone faced such kind of issue ever and can help me out fixing it.

Member 11072126 10-May-23 5:42am View    
Okay. Thanks.
Member 11072126 10-May-23 4:40am View    
Actually, I have contacted the System Admin regarding this and he tried a lot to remove read-only access from the project folder within C: drive. We are using Windows 11 here and probably all the folders in C: drive are read-only by default.

And we cannot move the project folder to other drive because to run the project locally, the .aspx pages are put inside "www" folder within C: drive, running through IIS, and that's how the local setup is being done. So, I guess moving the project folder to other drive will be a problem.
Member 11072126 14-Apr-21 12:04pm View    
Understood. You are correct.
Currently, the primary address is getting cloned but the ID is not generating a new one and I think I need to save the address objects as you are suggesting.

But, in this case, while saving the address objects I need the new Employee ID and to get the new Employee ID, I need to save the Employee first.

Now, while cloning the Employee object and saving the same, it is automatically creating clone of the address objects and setting the new Employee ID to those addresses and so the original employee losing the relationship of these address objects.

what I feel is Icloneable clone() is suitable for a single entity. It is difficult to create clones of related entities or I might have to use copy constructor?