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iProgramIt 18-Jan-17 18:03pm View    
iProgramIt 18-Jan-17 12:49pm View    
I'm afraid that's not what I meant, how does that show a TcpClient returning data?
iProgramIt 4-Aug-16 5:58am View    
It is the exact structure. And I have deserialised Multi-Level JSON. This time, it seems I have a problem that I cannot solve by using the same solution. Please see
iProgramIt 4-Aug-16 5:57am View    
I am still receiving the same issue as before.
iProgramIt 4-Aug-16 3:05am View    
This does nothing for me. Any other suggestions? In fact I get a new error. As the names of the properties of Skin_Base are required to be such, and I cannot replace them, Newtonsoft.Json doesn't recognise "custom" names. Thank you anyway.