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iProgramIt 18-Jan-17 18:03pm View
iProgramIt 18-Jan-17 12:49pm View
I'm afraid that's not what I meant, how does that show a TcpClient returning data?
iProgramIt 4-Aug-16 5:58am View
It is the exact structure. And I have deserialised Multi-Level JSON. This time, it seems I have a problem that I cannot solve by using the same solution. Please see
iProgramIt 4-Aug-16 5:57am View
I am still receiving the same issue as before.
iProgramIt 4-Aug-16 3:05am View
This does nothing for me. Any other suggestions? In fact I get a new error. As the names of the properties of Skin_Base are required to be such, and I cannot replace them, Newtonsoft.Json doesn't recognise "custom" names. Thank you anyway.
iProgramIt 3-Aug-16 22:52pm View
I cannot change the names. But [forgive me for being a noob], how do I change the definition of the type? Can you guide me as to which ones to change, etc.?
iProgramIt 3-Aug-16 22:11pm View
What would you suggest I do - to fix it, that is?
iProgramIt 3-Aug-16 21:51pm View
Umm, why would you want to auto-accept Skype Friend Requests? That is not a good idea as you could have spam accounts constantly spamming you.
iProgramIt 3-Aug-16 5:04am View
You are the best! Thank you! Btw, if you care, it is "As List(Of PropertyX)". Thanks again!
iProgramIt 31-Jan-16 16:48pm View
iProgramIt 31-Jan-16 5:12am View
Thank you. I am in the process of learning GDI and about bitmaps. So help is greatly appreciated.
iProgramIt 31-Jan-16 5:11am View
1. I have explained my goal.
2. I don't want a picture. I would like an image representation of a file. Say, an exe file or along those lines.
iProgramIt 8-Dec-15 16:08pm View
Yes, however I couldn't figure out why it did this issue, as such.
iProgramIt 30-Oct-15 2:00am View
Hey, I found the issue. The Textbox was causing the issue. Thanks anyway.
iProgramIt 27-Oct-15 18:40pm View
Yes it does exist. In both folders.
iProgramIt 27-Oct-15 1:36am View
Sorry I did not make it clear. I will edit this.
iProgramIt 27-Oct-15 0:17am View
No, the form is not even created - the program starts, and then it gives me an error.
I must admit, I don't understand this error report. Sorry.
Thank you,
iProgramIt 26-Oct-15 23:11pm View
It doesn't say. Just creating the form
iProgramIt 4-Oct-15 19:46pm View
No. Commands is a separate class. It is standalone.
iProgramIt 4-Oct-15 9:48am View
Hi. I found the problem. It wasn't within the class funny enough. It was how I was declaring the Command(). I was declaring locally instead of globally :)
iProgramIt 3-Oct-15 22:01pm View
No. The issue is the dictionary has NO items.
iProgramIt 2-Oct-15 9:00am View
Not looking for the dictionary key IN the dictionary, I am looking for the dictionary key IN the string.
iProgramIt 2-Oct-15 8:59am View
The length/count = 0. Made an edit ^
iProgramIt 2-Oct-15 8:59am View
Tried that. It said the dictionary contained nothing after adding a key.. that the length/count was 0.
iProgramIt 2-Oct-15 3:09am View
That is completely irrelevant. Post that code somewhere else, please!
iProgramIt 1-Oct-15 23:21pm View
This looks very good! Thank you so much! Is there a way to include quotes though in other commands, otherwise it could get confused..?
iProgramIt 1-Oct-15 6:55am View
It would be your best shot.. What sort of program are you making? Are there any faults in the .vdproj file?
iProgramIt 1-Oct-15 5:10am View
What do you mean?
iProgramIt 1-Oct-15 5:10am View
Because mine will look better and provide better functionality. Plus, its a challenge I want to take
iProgramIt 1-Oct-15 5:07am View
Sorry, this is an actual redesign of my code. Not the original one. I apologise for my rudeness.
iProgramIt 1-Oct-15 4:59am View
The thread has old links - so I cannot use the first. The other two are not relevant (as such) to what I am looking for. The latter link does not have what I need. I have the credential providers functionality, I just need how to login and how to setup the form design (full screen form etc.) Thanks anyway :)
iProgramIt 1-Oct-15 4:15am View
I'm not stupid. I know what debugging is and I cannot test this in Visual Studio because it is an external program (the "CodeDOM program")
iProgramIt 1-Oct-15 3:28am View
Isn't that why I submitted the code as well? Could you maybe look over it? It doesn't use the debugger - I cannot hook it up. So I can't look it through line by line, unfortunately.
iProgramIt 1-Oct-15 2:53am View
No. For Windows as a replacement to LogonUI.exe.
iProgramIt 31-Aug-15 2:51am View
I looked at resource hacker.. but that is too confusing and extensive.. I need it in code, but I think I would have to manually modify the binaries - so no..No code.
iProgramIt 29-Aug-15 18:05pm View
Ha-ha. :-|
iProgramIt 27-Aug-15 4:07am View
Heck, I do much better than the other Year 7's in my class! My classmates cannot even begin to comprehend this stuff. So I am pretty damn smart and I do everything well, even if it is DIFFERENT to your solutions!
iProgramIt 27-Aug-15 4:05am View
What? Why? It is MY solution in which I designed which actually works! Why don't you try it out? Actually verify what you say and is before posting such a stupid comment!
iProgramIt 26-Aug-15 2:12am View
Does it really have to this complex? Or is there a simpler way? See my comment up the top for some code that isn't working. Hopefully you can solve that, because I feel that method is a simpler method - but it is not working. Thanks -iProgramIt
iProgramIt 26-Aug-15 0:52am View
Mm...XML. Anyway, I am trying to use
Dim anonym = From Item In ListView1.Items
Group By Item Into Count
For Each Itm In anonym
Dim lvItem As New ListViewItem(Itm.Item.ToString)
But, it actually adds them more than once, instead of grouping them. And the count = 1 for each one. Can you help with that?
iProgramIt 26-Aug-15 0:26am View
Actually, the data is in a listview. I just need to sort separate items (different names) and count how many occurrences there are under that item.
iProgramIt 12-Aug-15 10:42am View
It was simply to create and draw a bitmap onto the screen and allow controls to be selected behind it. Not really significant.
iProgramIt 28-Jul-15 23:23pm View
Custom database
iProgramIt 22-Jul-15 1:43am View
Hmm, yes. I know that, but for some odd reason I like old-style graphics. QuickVB is a demonstration that this is possible and if you have Windows XP or older, MSEDIT is also a demonstration. I do not currently want Windows Forms or the like. Anyway, thank you for the input.
iProgramIt 14-Jul-15 7:18am View
Fixed it. Anyway, all I did was unistall a ton of stuff.
iProgramIt 12-Jul-15 2:30am View
Hmm.. Thank you. Sorry for troubling you with this issue. I have contacted my school technician and I am going to see with him. Thanks, for your help; you've been amazing.
iProgramIt 11-Jul-15 8:03am View
Funny, that. I discovered that it was saying (in System Management) that it had a System.OutOfMemoryException. I looked in PERFMON and it looked like it.
iProgramIt 11-Jul-15 3:59am View
Still has that message. It already fixed corrupt registry keys, but that's not it...I am wondering though, if something is corrupt?
iProgramIt 10-Jul-15 20:55pm View
Oh, and SFC still doesn't work.
iProgramIt 10-Jul-15 20:43pm View
Yeah, um that sort of helped but didn't fully fix it. Do you have any other suggestions?
iProgramIt 10-Jul-15 7:43am View
Cheers, I'll try that now.
It worked!!! You're a genius man!!
iProgramIt 10-Jul-15 7:42am View
Yes, I know that, but I need an actual solve for this problem. Thank you, though.
iProgramIt 8-Jun-15 17:55pm View
Thanks - I changed it so now it will do it properly!
iProgramIt 8-Jun-15 17:54pm View
Thank you so much! I must have overlooked that...anyway thank you again!
iProgramIt 21-May-15 19:01pm View
Basically, instead of creating a new window, just let the command prompt host it. For me personally, it gets annoying when too many windows are open.
iProgramIt 17-May-15 3:36am View
Yes. I agree.
iProgramIt 17-May-15 3:36am View
Thank you. I understand that this is a very complex thing - and I too have discovered that open-source software that try to accomplish what I am trying is not satisfactory as well.
iProgramIt 8-May-15 19:34pm View
That would take a while - I am assuming you are "partnered" with someone else if you are half the development team.
iProgramIt 8-May-15 8:26am View
What is that project? I am making A program called HackersConsole.
iProgramIt 8-May-15 7:55am View
Is there any more information, this is too general?
iProgramIt 7-May-15 23:38pm View
Would you be able to post an alternative to this code? If so, thanks
iProgramIt 7-May-15 23:35pm View
When I change it, it does not apply the changes.
iProgramIt 7-May-15 9:25am View
Public Function ApplyStyles(ByVal EnableStyles As Boolean, ByVal ImageToUse As String)
'Check OS Version [
If Not My.Computer.Info.OSFullName.StartsWith("Microsoft Windows 7") Then
MessageBox.Show("You must be running Microsoft Windows 7 in order to use this program", "Error", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error, MessageBoxDefaultButton.Button1)
Exit Function
End If

'Get Windows Directory [
Dim WindowsInstallPath As String
WindowsInstallPath = GetPath().Trim().TrimEnd(Chr(0)) & "\"

'Create Missing Folders [
If Not My.Computer.FileSystem.DirectoryExists(WindowsInstallPath & "System32\oobe\info") Then
My.Computer.FileSystem.CreateDirectory(WindowsInstallPath & "System32\oobe\info")
End If
If Not My.Computer.FileSystem.DirectoryExists(WindowsInstallPath & "System32\oobe\info\backgrounds") Then
My.Computer.FileSystem.CreateDirectory(WindowsInstallPath & "System32\oobe\info\backgrounds")
End If

'Check For Blank Box [
If ImageToUse.Trim = "" Then

'Ask To Select [
Dim MyResult As DialogResult = MessageBox.Show("There is no picture file selected, would you like to select one now?", "No File Selected", MessageBoxButtons.YesNo, MessageBoxIcon.Warning)

'Confirmation [
Select Case MyResult
Case Windows.Forms.DialogResult.Yes

End Select

'Exit Method [
Exit Function

End If

'Check File Exists [
If Not My.Computer.FileSystem.FileExists(ImageToUse) Then

'Show Error And Abort [
MessageBox.Show("The image file specified does not exist, please ensure that it is present on your computer.", "Error - File Not Found", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error)
Exit Function

End If

'Create Temporary File [
Dim TemporaryName As String = FileIO.FileSystem.GetTempFileName

'Reformat [
Dim ChangeToJPEG As New Bitmap(ImageToUse)

'Save Reformatted File [
ChangeToJPEG.Save(TemporaryName, System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Jpeg)

'Release Bitmap [

'Get Temporary File Size [
Dim MyInformation As New IO.FileInfo(TemporaryName)
If MyInformation.Length > 262144 Then

'Delete Temporary File [
If MyInformation.Exists() Then
End If

'Error [
MessageBox.Show("The image file specified would be over 256KB when converted to a JPG file and too large to use. Please select another file.", "Error - File Too Large", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error)
Exit Function

End If

'Delete Temporary File [
If MyInformation.Exists() Then
End If

Catch MyException As Exception

'Format Error [
MessageBox.Show("The image file specified is not of the correct format. Logon Background Changer cannot convert it to JPG format for use as a logon screen. Please select another file.", "Error - Incorrect Format", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error)
Exit Function

End Try

'Enable Or Disable Background [
Dim MyEnableSelection As Integer
If EnableStyles Then
MyEnableSelection = 1
MyEnableSelection = 0
End If
iProgramIt 7-May-15 9:22am View
The logon screen background is what is not working. Whenever I change it, it does not work. Code:
iProgramIt 27-Apr-15 20:26pm View
I know, but so far it is that that is only possible - for me anyway.
iProgramIt 26-Apr-15 23:00pm View
I got it. But, what I did is I created the executable file, which then extracts the code for the bat and starts it.
iProgramIt 5-Apr-15 21:57pm View
I suppose, that it has nothing and is nothing. Because I have an icon extractor which loops 300 times. And the file I extract the icon from only has one Icon. So when I go to get the icon, it picks up 300 icons.
iProgramIt 5-Apr-15 19:03pm View
Or all transparent. So how would I do that?
iProgramIt 5-Apr-15 3:34am View
It is a lousy solution then mate.
iProgramIt 5-Apr-15 3:16am View
Well you see, what I am doing is making a "control panel" for user accounts (it is already created I know that!) and using the old password for comfirmation, then completely clearing my application's memory.
iProgramIt 5-Apr-15 3:15am View
Not a solution.
iProgramIt 26-Mar-15 10:45am View
What is a datagridview combobox? In my life I have never heard of that particular control
iProgramIt 19-Mar-15 23:03pm View
You are a very rude person. The same person who keeps FU**ing baggin me. Shut the hell up and piss off
iProgramIt 19-Mar-15 9:05am View
I wish I could downvote your 'commment'
iProgramIt 19-Mar-15 8:19am View
Hmm, yes. That would also grab most of my computer's memory. Could I do a sitemap and remove all of the xml aspects?
iProgramIt 19-Mar-15 8:07am View
I know. I just want to do it for a school project.
iProgramIt 19-Mar-15 7:53am View
I tried other libraries. They are watermarked. Those are crap converters. I would like to develop my own.
iProgramIt 19-Mar-15 7:44am View
I did! Excuse me, but you don't look like you're helping! You might as well be ignorant...
iProgramIt 19-Mar-15 7:22am View
How do I do it? That is the question
iProgramIt 18-Mar-15 3:01am View
Well, I need it because I am creating an Operating System Overlay.
iProgramIt 18-Mar-15 2:53am View
That is not relevant at this current point in time.
iProgramIt 17-Mar-15 19:36pm View
I just want a whole, transparent tabcontrol. This has no relevance to my question
iProgramIt 17-Mar-15 19:35pm View
Mate, that will copy it to the current directory
iProgramIt 17-Mar-15 3:17am View
No, I mean where it is physically located like in a folder like "MyAppFolder\RuntimeLib" and it loads from there
iProgramIt 16-Mar-15 22:39pm View
Okay, so searching is all right now. Can you please give me a code snippet as to list all the image url's on the webpage please? Thank you.
iProgramIt 16-Mar-15 21:57pm View
Sorry for the noobiness, but how would I do a search and recieve it?
iProgramIt 16-Mar-15 21:54pm View
Thank you
iProgramIt 16-Mar-15 21:49pm View
Well, I tried inserting a website image picture, then realized I wanted an integrated search & insert pic function.
iProgramIt 15-Mar-15 1:37am View
Which link is it? If it is in C++ then I am crapped
iProgramIt 15-Mar-15 0:28am View
FYI, nothing came up! Oh, in your face rude people!
iProgramIt 14-Mar-15 22:30pm View
Why the bloody hell do I have the tags "Iamlazy" and "NoEffort"
Did you do that?! You'll wish you did not! You jerk!
iProgramIt 14-Mar-15 22:29pm View
I just don't know how to apply the formula in visual basic
iProgramIt 14-Mar-15 18:45pm View
A day goes by, and everyone just gets ruder...
iProgramIt 14-Mar-15 18:44pm View
I know what I am talking about. Do not be insolent towards me
iProgramIt 14-Mar-15 18:40pm View
I want to open a text file (which stores pi digits 0 - 1,500,000,000) into a textbox without crashing my app
iProgramIt 14-Mar-15 18:12pm View
Thank you. Extending client area in Win7 doesn't work for me.
iProgramIt 14-Mar-15 18:11pm View
I tried to remove it and the code backfired
iProgramIt 14-Mar-15 18:11pm View
Then what is the point of it?
iProgramIt 14-Mar-15 1:48am View
Excuse me?! I understand some of the most awkward spaces in .NET! I know how to make a form. The matter is I want to make a custom form, custom title bar and custom resize operations!
iProgramIt 14-Mar-15 1:33am View
Bloody hell, yes I have. I would like a new custom form!
iProgramIt 11-Mar-15 8:00am View
I need some form of decryiption method. Please do not comment if you are not going to help
iProgramIt 11-Mar-15 7:23am View
What is the name of the application and what is the description?
iProgramIt 11-Mar-15 2:00am View
Dim ListBoxIndex As Integer = 1 'Select Which Item (Item 1)
YourListBox.SelectedIndex = ListBoxIndex - 1
iProgramIt 9-Mar-15 20:44pm View
I got a different code working.
iProgramIt 9-Mar-15 8:53am View
The principle of the thing!
iProgramIt 9-Mar-15 4:43am View
iProgramIt 9-Mar-15 2:20am View
It is still not working
iProgramIt 9-Mar-15 2:15am View
What Framework? Im using .net 4
iProgramIt 9-Mar-15 1:46am View
It will only put in the first item, and then it stops. Why?
iProgramIt 8-Mar-15 19:48pm View
That is a perfectly clear question!
iProgramIt 8-Mar-15 11:14am View
Also, the labels will go outside your form, so enable scrollbarsenabled=true
iProgramIt 8-Mar-15 11:13am View
Replace "myform" with Me
Replace line: x+=15 with prevlocx+=15
iProgramIt 8-Mar-15 11:06am View
What errors?
iProgramIt 8-Mar-15 10:35am View
Ok, I'll edit this...
iProgramIt 8-Mar-15 10:20am View
So maybe make a shortcut to my program, which will have that program in memory and essentially decrypt & start it?
iProgramIt 5-Mar-15 18:27pm View
iProgramIt 5-Mar-15 18:27pm View
Alright, thanks
iProgramIt 4-Mar-15 18:32pm View
No chrome does....
Goto the top right corner, go to more tools, then click create application shortcuts. I want to do that in
iProgramIt 28-Feb-15 21:41pm View
Thanks. I kind of thought it wouldn't work
iProgramIt 28-Feb-15 1:36am View
Ok. I have posted another question, so now I am interested in something else. Thank you for your support
iProgramIt 28-Feb-15 1:14am View
All right then. What should I use ??
iProgramIt 27-Feb-15 17:33pm View
Well, I tried using the voicent library, but that did not work, it is not Australian I think. In the voicent library it came up as invalid phone number.
iProgramIt 27-Feb-15 3:05am View
Mate, I don't really want to impersonate, I just want to hide some already started applications, especially on Windows 7, which needs to be compatible on that
iProgramIt 27-Feb-15 3:03am View
I mean just the main function. The application itself is all mine.