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Comments by VidyasagarSTGM (Top 8 by date)

VidyasagarSTGM 6-Aug-15 9:21am View
I said my application is a Release mode build. thats for sure... But can u tell how to find whether any library is in debug build. I hope your answer will solve my question.
VidyasagarSTGM 4-Feb-15 4:07am View
I have my application configured in release mode. But I am still facing the same issue as "MSVCP100D.dll is missing". If 'D' denotes debug mode why am I facing such issue?

Kindly help me is with this.
VidyasagarSTGM 3-Feb-15 3:43am View
I made the app in release configuration only.. I will check out your other suggestions... Thanks..
VidyasagarSTGM 23-Jan-15 0:01am View
Sure I will check on it... Thanks....
VidyasagarSTGM 22-Jan-15 8:14am View
Ok.. Thank you very much...
VidyasagarSTGM 22-Jan-15 7:35am View
I have a clob containing 6672 bytes
VidyasagarSTGM 26-Nov-14 22:50pm View
Thanks Bruno...
VidyasagarSTGM 3-Nov-14 3:54am View
Even if it is dynamic whether it has any size limit for the deque?