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Ask this a question here[^] instead of post this as an answer
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Why you have to click? Think about to create the documents on the fly when requested by user
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"as i have loads of users i need to bulkuplad"... sure?
I would say if _one_user has loads of invoices then 'bulk' makes sense but not in case where there are lot of users with 'some' invoices
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Here you find what to do to make the sql server visible on the internet (but maybe think first about what that means security wise): sql server connectity over the internet[^]
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Not an answer.

Btw try:
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Not an answer
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Thanks so far.
Now I have nearly no idea about php, but I'm sure others will help you here.

For me this looks like a key point you should watch:

if (!isset($_SESSION['username'])) {

and it looks like $_SESSION['username'] is not defined and therefore also $uname remains undefined. But like I mentioned, php is not my field, better wait for the profs ;)
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Tried to add line numbers, but unfortunately they don't match your source code. Please add more information what the two problematic lines are. sorry and thanks.
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Do something like this:

$sql = "SELECT ... ";
foreach ($dbh->query($sql) as $row)
// ...
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As far as I know (and doing myself also) ping will be used a lot of times to check whether an ip is available. Anyway a 5.
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Quote: "I will now check this object professionally, whether the data makes sense."
What are the rules to qualify the json to make sense or not?

Keep in mind: A valid json does not mean the data make sense...
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Google for 'windbg call stack'. Have a look e.g. here: c# - How to list call stack of all managed threads using WinDBG? - Stack Overflow[^]
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There is a free MATLAB alternative available which is partly compatible to MATLAB: GNU Octave[^]
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You should also post the error/exception message.
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Haha, nice to see you here and have a 5 :-)
Still using your 'indy components' ;)
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What Richard does mention in the comment aobove, compare your hex sequence with the text you assume to send. Only a small fragment:

40 '@'
30 '0'
6C 'l'
31 '1'
30 '0'
51 'Q'
37 '7'
35 '5'
54 'T'
68 'h'
69 'i'
73 's'
20 Space
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I hate down votes without a comment, so have a compensation.
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So it shows you details() length is 7. Unfortunatelly I don't see on what line. But anyway becuase you hard coded the loop "from 0 to 7" this would be a problem (the line in the csv does not have 8 fields.

Try something like this (I don't know VB)
For i As Integer = 0 To details.Length - 1
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What happens if you comment out the "try catch" stuff?
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Oooh so obvious and I don't see it :blush:. +5
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So I suggest to use the debugger and step through the code.
0x01AA 26-Jul-20 7:57am View
I assume the first sline = reader.ReadLine before the loop is to skip the column header info in the csv. So the question: Are there really more than 1 line of data in the csv?
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Have you ever heard of WHERE in an SQL statement that limits the records to be edited?
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Very fair comment +5 if it would be possible.
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You are welcome.
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See my answer I have no idea about Python. But about 10 Min. trials on Online Python Compiler (Interpreter)[^] and some google how to convert an int to string in Python:
return ('Fahrrad Leergewicht : ' + str(self.Leergewicht))

Must be less than 10 Min. You posted before 7 mins ;)
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Have a look here:[^]
and search for "EV_MCXLAPB" in the document

Looks like they are not directly related to serial communication (RS232) but will be used e.g. for HDLC.
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You are welcome, at your service Sir
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Something like
cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@SerialNumber", dataGridView1.Rows[i].Cells["SerialNumber"].Value);
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And now, did it solved your issue?

Btw: Next problem you probably will face (depending how tblAssetMaster is defined) is when already a same record exists there.
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insert into tblAssetMaster(...)
select ...from tblStockinWard ;

copies all rows from "tblStockinWard". So you need to pass a parameter to SP which restricts copy to a unique value of "tblStockinWard". This allows you to do something like this in SP. Pseudo Code:

insert into tblAssetMaster(...)
select ... from tblStockinWard
WHERE tblStockinWard.Id= paramValue;

I used tblStockinWard.Id but only you know which field of tblStockinWard is the unique idenitfier/primary key
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Think about to spend a parameter to your SP which tells the SP which data should be copied ;)
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The more oracle documentaries i read the more confused i get. I'm not so sure anymore if the above is the problem :-)
0x01AA 19-Jul-20 10:45am View
Should it not be

currentSystemDate VARCHAR2(128 Byte);
custBirthday VARCHAR2(128 Byte);
custEmail VARCHAR2(128 Byte);
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Have a look here (the site is extremly slow):[^]
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Moving this $doc = JFactory::getDocument();

$doc->addStyleSheet('templates/' . $this->template . '/css/bootstrap/bootstrap.css');
out of the php maybe will help
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Sorry, reported as 'not a question'
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I would say derive from Array or List and define an read-only interface (to return) is the 'correct' solution, but most probably overkill.

And also this does finally not prevent from casting the return value and modify it.
0x01AA 10-Jul-20 11:30am View
Can you give me a hint, why List instead of array should help? In my opinion also returning a List does not prevent from modify it. Where I'm wrong?
Thank you in advance.
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Thank you for your comment.
"I don't think it really matters whether it says SYSTEM32 or SysWOW64, does it?": I'm only looking for a reasonable explanation why a W32 application finally crashes in a 64Bit Dll.
0x01AA 9-Jul-20 14:10pm View
Thanks for your answer. But why only on one of lot of installations? And why a W32 app ends e.g. in system32\ntdll.dll exception? Ok, the later is maybe only a inacurrate message or most probably (?) SysWOW64\ntdll.dll uses system32\ntdll.dll which finally crashes...

"My tip is some free or delete operations, pointer maths or access of handles": Most code is using TPointer (means as soon one leaves the scope, TPointer will delete the allocated class). And as far as I can tell the rest is clean with using try/finally. But yes of course there is a chance the there is a piece of code (maybe also in one of the used libraries) is not complete safe.
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Yes a 5. And more, 'every' unit can be expressed by the 'mks' system ;)
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I don't think naming conventions will help here...
0x01AA 4-Jul-20 10:57am View
Have you considered to use maybe auto for the parameters? Looks to be much more easy. Sorry does also not work. Same problem with virtual...

But have a look here, accepted solution. Maybe it helps:
c++ - templates may not be ‘virtual’ - Stack Overflow[^]
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A 5. I like the question.
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First of all, forget "Everything is binary". This is "only" the path of history. Circuits designed at the beginning with 0 Volts for binary 0 and 5Volts for a one (base 2).
But there could also be a system which works with -5Volts, 0 Volts and 5 Volts and it will end in a system based on 3.

There is so much more to mention. I like your thoughts ;)
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A 1 for accepting your non solution by yourself as a solution.
0x01AA 3-Jul-20 12:10pm View
But it appears that you have copied a few lines of code from somewhere and do not understand them and are now expecting this forum to explain the code to you...
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I don't like votes below 4 without a comment, so have something for the balance.
0x01AA 3-Jul-20 11:29am View
You are welcome. Thank you for accepting.
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And also already in case arrBooking is empty. +5
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Thank you
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On what date does it have to be delivered?
0x01AA 30-Jun-20 8:05am View
if prime == True: hurts my eyes :) Otherwise a 5
0x01AA 30-Jun-20 6:51am View
Thank you, but it was not me it was an online php syntax checker :)
0x01AA 29-Jun-20 12:40pm View
See my comment below. Can that be the reason? If yes feel free to answer.
0x01AA 29-Jun-20 12:33pm View
I don't know php at all. But with an online syntax checker for me it gives no error in case I replace line 15
<?php }else{
0x01AA 28-Jun-20 16:43pm View
Why e.Handled = false;? You handled backspace so for me it is more logical to do e.Handled = true;
Btw. from expirience, handling key events are more successfull doing them in "_KeyUp". Also sometimes you need to take care for KeyPreview for the form.
0x01AA 28-Jun-20 13:57pm View
So another 5 :)
0x01AA 28-Jun-20 13:46pm View
Anyway a 5, this also for the courage to correct it.
I'm trying to find the reason in the reference implementation but it seems to be hopeless :(
0x01AA 28-Jun-20 13:04pm View
But if I debug button1 and button2 do show the same 'lighter' color at formload which is not the color with which they are displayed. Confused :)
0x01AA 28-Jun-20 12:31pm View
Interesting thing, +5 for the question. Btw. I can reproduce this.
When I use colorpicker from e.g. Snagit, the unmodified button shows RGB(225, 225, 225)
0x01AA 27-Jun-20 10:42am View
Have a look here: Creating Windows in Threads - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs[^] uups, that is W32, sorry
0x01AA 26-Jun-20 8:18am View
What supplier, what model of RFID reader?
Usually they deliver also examples with the SDK.
0x01AA 25-Jun-20 10:04am View
What I forgot: In Q / A for serious answers, I don't go below 3, even if the answer is completely wrong. This is because I still trust that the respondent simply tried to help;)

Now let us go on to help and do not post too much templated answers :-)
0x01AA 25-Jun-20 9:45am View
On my side I will give always a comment in case the vote is below 4.
Ok, for spammers/trolls/abusive I allow me then and when also to give a 1 without comment, but that is a completely other field.
0x01AA 25-Jun-20 9:19am View
I hate votes below 4 without comments, so have a 5 for balance.
0x01AA 25-Jun-20 9:19am View
I hate votes below 4 without comments, so have a 5 for balance.
0x01AA 24-Jun-20 6:33am View
You are welcome.
"because my english sucks": Mine too. Servus ;)
0x01AA 24-Jun-20 6:33am View
0x01AA 24-Jun-20 5:23am View
"or some other app, already has the file open and did not grant shared read/write access to the file": e.g. VS. +5
0x01AA 24-Jun-20 5:20am View
Oh yes, now everything is clear. I have just opened your project and see which grid you are using....
0x01AA 24-Jun-20 5:05am View
What grid: WinForm, WPF, Web, others?
0x01AA 23-Jun-20 14:25pm View
Yawning. The last answer you gave on his similar last question is still wrong...
0x01AA 23-Jun-20 10:32am View
Simply a typo?
instead of
0x01AA 23-Jun-20 8:16am View
E.g. you can mark items where StocksOnHand < NoOfOrderedItems in your list and disable them from being further processed.
0x01AA 23-Jun-20 6:52am View
"Your statement does not have a space between the parentheses VALUES": It does not need one ;)
INSERT INTO(<Field List>)VALUES(<Value List>)does work also in MariaDB. Tested here:[^]
0x01AA 23-Jun-20 5:38am View
At the end of the statement there is a comma too much.
This ...."','" + active + "',);"
should be ...."','" + active + "');"
0x01AA 23-Jun-20 5:11am View
I don't know MariaDB but I think also MariaDB does not need a space there. It looks more that the end of the statement has a comma to much "',);"
0x01AA 23-Jun-20 5:11am View
I don't know MariaDB but I think also MariaDB does not need a space there. It looks more that the end of the statement has a comma to much "',);"
0x01AA 22-Jun-20 14:50pm View
Last time I did something like this with c++ Builder I used IHTMLDocument3 from MS. Hard stuff because DCOM. Also not sure whether this is future oriented. But it did and still does parse a html perfectly.
0x01AA 22-Jun-20 14:30pm View
What is magic on SVD? :-)
0x01AA 22-Jun-20 13:21pm View
0x01AA 22-Jun-20 13:20pm View
0x01AA 22-Jun-20 13:18pm View
0x01AA 22-Jun-20 9:54am View
Try import; instead of import android.widget.ShareActionProvider;
0x01AA 22-Jun-20 9:05am View
0x01AA 22-Jun-20 8:21am View
Thank you Maciej
0x01AA 21-Jun-20 14:02pm View
You are very welcome.
0x01AA 21-Jun-20 12:47pm View
A neutral 3, others will give easy a 1 for this. You did not read through all the comments?
0x01AA 21-Jun-20 12:35pm View
0x01AA 21-Jun-20 10:43am View
And he told you exactly - gave you the appropriate links - how to do it ;)
0x01AA 21-Jun-20 10:15am View
Thank you very much.
0x01AA 21-Jun-20 9:56am View
Please help a noob for more understanding this web stuff: But does "runat="server" not bite executing browser's Javascript? Thank you very much in advance.
0x01AA 21-Jun-20 9:31am View
Do I understand it right? You like to have the three most popular city/prg and having the city only once in the result? (oh god my English is that bad I hope you understand what I mean...)
0x01AA 21-Jun-20 9:07am View
Very strange.
Now what is the correct query? It depends....
In case student_prg can be different for each group by student_city the only I see is GROUP BY student_city, student_prg. But looks like this is not what you like to have as result.
0x01AA 21-Jun-20 8:49am View
Allow me first a question: Does MySQL console really give a result without error message for the _exactly same_ SQL statement? Hard to belive...

0x01AA 21-Jun-20 8:39am View
The problem I think comes from student_prg. At least MS SQL will not even gives you a result, it will give an error message something like 'invalid field' because it is not an aggregate.
Have a read e.g. here: SQL GROUP By and the "Column 'name' is invalid in the select list because..." error[^]
0x01AA 21-Jun-20 8:03am View
No idea, but is "runat="server" onclick="myFunction()" vs. Javascript not something contrary?
0x01AA 21-Jun-20 7:54am View
So I just upvoted me then :-)
0x01AA 21-Jun-20 7:44am View
Thank you, but my English is too bad. I don't find good words how to describe that "code cemetery" :)
0x01AA 21-Jun-20 6:52am View
string file = @pictureBox1.Image.ToString(); is far away of being the file name...
0x01AA 21-Jun-20 5:56am View
Missing closing bracket?

using (IDbConnection connection = new System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection(GlobalConfig.CnnString("Tournaments")))
0x01AA 20-Jun-20 10:16am View
0x01AA 19-Jun-20 11:12am View
Thank you Sir for accepting!
0x01AA 19-Jun-20 6:47am View
Optional: Increase delivery time :-)
0x01AA 19-Jun-20 5:55am View
Did you notice my last edit in the answer? I think it will solve your request.
0x01AA 18-Jun-20 8:34am View
You are welcome.
"probably i will take direkt in excel file.": Or directly from clipboard. You will find a lot of examples with google for it. But again, copy the RichTextBox Lines into a list of strings I think will help you a lot. After you have have this you still can optimize step by step to bypass richtextbox.

0x01AA 18-Jun-20 8:17am View
FYI: OP deleted the post where he was angry.
0x01AA 18-Jun-20 8:08am View
I just made a test in c# (I don't know VB.NET). The bottleneck seems to be accessing the RichTextBox.Lines (see also my comment to the question). If I loop over the 35'000 lines from the RichtTextBox and access them it takes time. I stopped it after about 5 Min.

If I first copy the lines from the RichTextBox like this "List<string> lns = richTextBox1.Lines.ToList<string>();" things speed up dramatically. But unfortunatelly I can't help OP because I don't know VB.NET.

And yes, all the suggestions in your answer make sense.
0x01AA 18-Jun-20 7:43am View
Ok. I can't give you code in VB.NET because I dn't know it. But in c# first copy the richtext lines into a list of strings does dramatically speed up the things:

List<string> lns = richTextBox1.Lines.ToList<string>();
int lnCount = lns.Count;
for (int i = 0; i < lnCount; i++)
string ln = lns[i];
0x01AA 18-Jun-20 7:34am View
Have a look to my latest comment to your question.
0x01AA 18-Jun-20 7:32am View
I just made a small test in c#.
a.) Filling a RichtTextBox with 35'000 strings
b.) Loop over the RichTextBox-Lines and only access line by line without further processing.

And it takes time.... looks like 30Min. For me it looks like the RichTextBox is the bottleneck.

From where the data for the RichTextBox come originally? From a file? If yes, I suggest to bypass the RichTextBox.
0x01AA 18-Jun-20 6:58am View
Btw. DataGridView is not a good choice to save data. I would expect filling in your data first into a DataTable and bind the DataTable afterwards to the DGV will be more performant.
0x01AA 18-Jun-20 6:39am View
No, he don't. Read again through all the comments. It is really hard to recognize whether you tried anything of his recommendations.
0x01AA 18-Jun-20 6:34am View
Calm down, he is trying to help!

So if spliting only once per loop does not improve much, try next with this "SuspendLayout" stuff and maybe also "BeginUpdate"
0x01AA 18-Jun-20 6:07am View
A small hint

Dim splitted_once_per_loop= tx.Split(vbTab)
Dim i= STOK_LIST.Rows.Add ...
0x01AA 18-Jun-20 3:40am View
First thing I would try is to split the source string _one_ time and use the one result to assign cell 0 to 10.

Here also some hints concerning BeginUpdate ... .net - BeginUpdate / EndUpdate for DataGridView request - Stack Overflow[^]
0x01AA 17-Jun-20 14:45pm View
Also this works for me and shows the whole decimal numbere.g.

string munumberInput = "123.768686785768759574945595";
decimal munumber = Convert.ToDecimal(munumberInput);
string strnumber = Convert.ToString(munumber);
0x01AA 17-Jun-20 14:31pm View
You: "But the value coming from other source with out 'm' in that case how to add 'm' at the end of decimal value ?"

So your problem is more how to convert a string to decimal?

Also this works for me and shows the whole decimal numbere.g.

string munumberInput = "123.768686785768759574945595";
decimal munumber = Convert.ToDecimal(munumberInput);
string strnumber = Convert.ToString(munumber);
0x01AA 17-Jun-20 14:22pm View
I see all the digits in my test... console shows: 123.768686785768759574945595
0x01AA 17-Jun-20 14:12pm View
Nope sorry, the neutrall 3 is from my side...
0x01AA 17-Jun-20 4:22am View
0x01AA 16-Jun-20 13:51pm View
And why c#?
0x01AA 15-Jun-20 6:42am View
Thank you Maciej.
0x01AA 14-Jun-20 9:48am View
You are very welcome. And thank you for accepting the answer.
0x01AA 14-Jun-20 9:14am View
I'm pretty sure it works if you don't mix up with the index. Check the source code again carefully.
0x01AA 14-Jun-20 9:07am View
+1 more for the excel row will solve it:

xlWorkSheet.Cells[i + 1 + 1, j + 1] = cell.Value;
0x01AA 14-Jun-20 9:06am View
Yes of course. You need to add another +1 for the row index afterwards for the excel row.

xlWorkSheet.Cells[i + 1 + 1, j + 1] = cell.Value;
0x01AA 14-Jun-20 8:44am View
So I would say the header row needs to be processed separately like described here: Export DataGridView To Excel In C#[^]

// storing header part in Excel
for (int i = 1; i < dataGridView1.Columns.Count + 1; i++)
worksheet.Cells[1, i] = dataGridView1.Columns[i - 1].HeaderText;
0x01AA 14-Jun-20 8:36am View
Including the column names, I mean the header row? I don't think so, maybe I will try it. I would say OP's code only returns data rows.
0x01AA 14-Jun-20 8:27am View
Not really clear what the problem is. Do you mean you don't see the column names in excel?If this is the case, you need to access column names by dataGridView1.Columns
0x01AA 9-Jun-20 10:08am View
Basically you are right, but I think/speculate it is, what OP is looking for ;)
0x01AA 9-Jun-20 9:34am View
Think about/try something like SELECT MAX(Field1) FROM Table1
Keep in mind, it is usually very delicate for fields of the type CHAR (x)
0x01AA 9-Jun-20 9:08am View
And do you think you added something useful/new after about 7 years that is not already included in Solution 1? I suggest to delete this answer to prevent you from "down votes" ;)

What has now started without my intervention!
0x01AA 9-Jun-20 8:04am View
0x01AA 9-Jun-20 4:47am View
Should it not be COUNT(DISTINCT Column1)?
0x01AA 8-Jun-20 12:36pm View
0x01AA 8-Jun-20 10:44am View
A very simple but also a _very dirty_ solution may be that your calculation procedure calls Application.DoEvents(); periodically.

Much better is to follow the advice in the comment above from @fes-sitecore to calculate in a separate thread, e.g. using background worker or whatelse.
0x01AA 8-Jun-20 10:03am View
0x01AA 8-Jun-20 9:22am View
And how I can upvote this? :-)
0x01AA 7-Jun-20 15:24pm View
It is slowly but surely becoming noticeable that you ask questions and then answer and accept them yourself ... take care ...
0x01AA 7-Jun-20 10:07am View
Confusing, I don't get the point why this should work now...
0x01AA 7-Jun-20 9:18am View
Not reported until now. But I changed my profile to get email for Q/A. I'm still here, but still don't get notifications :(
Not a big thing, I can live with this.
Thank you very much again for your feedback.
0x01AA 7-Jun-20 8:18am View
Thank you for your response. Looks like I need to activate email notifications also to get the little red box here in Q/A. I'm a little afraid to change my settings, because in my profile the radio button "forgett me forever" is always pre-selected :-)
0x01AA 7-Jun-20 8:11am View
Did you check the case sensitive things? Simply not setting a parameter can also end implicitly in set the value to null
0x01AA 7-Jun-20 8:08am View
:thumbs up:
Btw: Do you get notifications in Q/A e.g. when I write this?
I still don't get notifications in Q/A, not even delayed one.
0x01AA 7-Jun-20 7:43am View
Great! Just reported this as "this is not a question"
0x01AA 7-Jun-20 7:23am View
I don't know VB.NET, but can it be that parameters in VB.NET are case sensitive? If yes this can be the problem:
.Parameters.Add("@Picture", OleDbType.Binary).Value = arrimage
"UPDATE Table SET .... cPicture = @picture WHERE ID = 1"

Btw: When you reply to a specific comment, please reply with the comment's Reply button. Like this the OP of the comment will be informed ;)
0x01AA 7-Jun-20 6:58am View
uID is commented out. And the command is UPDATE
0x01AA 7-Jun-20 6:57am View
"it doesn run it" means what? Any error/exception message?
0x01AA 7-Jun-20 6:43am View
Should this
If Not PictureBox1.Image Is Nothing Then
not be like this
If PictureBox1.Image Is Nothing Then ?
0x01AA 3-Jun-20 15:38pm View
At least I'm involved for support on some legacy applications implemented with borland stuff :)
Btw. Do you know, what happend with Sergei (SAK), I think to remember he also worked with this delphi/builder stuff, but he seems to offline for a very long period now.
0x01AA 3-Jun-20 14:44pm View
Thank you Maciej to give me five for a guess ;)
0x01AA 3-Jun-20 5:47am View
Check the size of Printers.

TStrings* prns= Printer()->Printers;
LogDebugTxt("Count= " + AnsiString(prns->Count));

And check also whter Printer()->PrinterIndex is in a valid range. Most probably no DefaultPrinter selected and the value of PrinterIndex == -1
0x01AA 2-Jun-20 14:08pm View
This post is something between off topic and not a question, what else
0x01AA 1-Jun-20 10:18am View
0x01AA 31-May-20 5:34am View
I assume the "three field table" you show in the question is the "customer_item" table.
Now show also the two fields of your customer table.
0x01AA 29-May-20 3:28am View
In the assignement SET @sqlTrigger1 there is no final quote for '

And I'm not sure wheter this needs to be on one line.
0x01AA 25-May-20 16:45pm View
Which is in case of deque not that easy ;)
0x01AA 25-May-20 16:05pm View
Yes Sir :-O :)
0x01AA 25-May-20 12:35pm View
But is the code not almost C apart from cin/cout?
0x01AA 25-May-20 12:25pm View
Replace cout with something like printf and similar for cin and you are done, I think...
0x01AA 25-May-20 11:11am View
What you mean with "columns are variable"? Do you mean that s9 to s13 are NULL?
0x01AA 23-May-20 13:30pm View
And why you expect that something like "Val1", "Val2" etc. can be produced?
I think you need to go with dynamic objects.
0x01AA 23-May-20 9:30am View
For this I prefer the short version: shopOpen= now >= openTime && now < closeTime;
Anyway a 5
0x01AA 20-May-20 9:43am View
"but cannot run": Any error/exception message displayed while you try to run?
0x01AA 19-May-20 14:31pm View
"You are JOINing data in columns - that's it"
You are JOINing data in columns between tables - that's it.
... and a +5
0x01AA 19-May-20 14:16pm View
1. Joining tables in an SQL does not require that foreign keys are available
2. What you mean with " singular joins"?
0x01AA 19-May-20 13:54pm View
Is it not more your intention to bring your profile with the link to attention?
0x01AA 18-May-20 15:54pm View
0x01AA 17-May-20 11:54am View
Sorry, I don't know Python... but I guess
maybe helps.

Here - Python Online Compiler and IDE - Fast, Powerful, Free[^] I get same error like you.

After removing Decimal conversion here
t = (Decimal(-1)**k)*(math.factorial(6*k))*(13591409+545140134*k)
instead of
t = (Decimal(-1)**k)*(math.factorial(Decimal(6)*k))*(13591409+545140134*k) it runs
0x01AA 17-May-20 11:31am View
Strange, for me it prints a number that looks like pi...

Ok, after copy/paste I need to adjust two line break, but that is simply a formatting issue.

I formatted a liitle bit your code and now I can copy/paste it to the link above and it runs without any additional modifications.
0x01AA 17-May-20 11:16am View
"is not updating the integer field in the database": Do you call "Post" of the query?
0x01AA 17-May-20 11:07am View
When I run this on[^] it compiles and runs...
0x01AA 16-May-20 14:45pm View
Makes sense, +5
0x01AA 16-May-20 13:23pm View
:thumbsup: :)
0x01AA 16-May-20 11:17am View
0x01AA 16-May-20 11:09am View
"... pass an array by value ..." in c++, how you do that? :-)
0x01AA 16-May-20 10:44am View
No idea, I don't know VB. But if that's the case, then that e.RowIndex >= 0 would also be a problem?
0x01AA 16-May-20 10:16am View
And index is not the problem? I mean in case you have 10 Columns the range to address them is row.Cells(0) up to row.Cells(9)
0x01AA 16-May-20 10:12am View
Instead of delete, maybe it is easier to script the current db and recreate it? Something like this: SQL Server 2012 copy database without data - Stack Overflow[^]
0x01AA 16-May-20 10:07am View
Which Cell is the problem? And you are aware that also for Cells the index starts at zero and the max. index will be "No of Cells - 1"?
0x01AA 16-May-20 9:22am View
+5. Also for the follow up and the test.
0x01AA 16-May-20 9:13am View
Because I do not know Python and I only noticed the strange syntax for the parameter value, I only wrote this as a comment. But if you are sure that this is the mistake, you are welcome to write this as an answer.
0x01AA 16-May-20 8:29am View
my_cursor.execute(query_getname, val)
instead of
my_cursor.execute(query_getname, (val,))
0x01AA 13-May-20 14:07pm View
0x01AA 11-May-20 15:29pm View
Why, sorry for the question? But is windows and linux sockets for raw data different?
Thank you very much in advance.
0x01AA 11-May-20 14:49pm View
No need to be sorry, simply correct it ;)
0x01AA 11-May-20 14:46pm View
Then please correct the code in your question using "improve question"
0x01AA 11-May-20 14:37pm View
Now hard to help, what do you excpect and what do you get?
On a first glance I would say you mix up the indices. You declare i and j but after that you are using in the outer and the inner for both times only i... that cannot come well ;)
0x01AA 11-May-20 12:45pm View
You are welcome :)
Glad to see that you got an answer ;)
0x01AA 11-May-20 12:19pm View
I give up, sorry...