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CoderzF1 19-Feb-24 4:11am View    
I have actually tried the marked solution from that post. Really all that is doing is adding multiple TextBlocks with a right-margin set. It may be the way I have to go, even though I don't like it. I can even use the Glyphs object, however, I would have to package a font with the application due to the only way to set the font for Glyphs is to supply the Font Uri. I don't know why Microsoft didn't supply an easier way to do this. UWP has an attribute for TextBlock to set Character Spacing but not Standard WPF.
CoderzF1 27-May-23 19:41pm View    
i could tell you exactly which one is null, but you wouldn't learn to use the logcat or debugger. it does tell you the line number of where the error is occurring. there is one of your views that hasnt been initiated in your onCreate function
CoderzF1 16-Sep-22 0:57am View    
sounds like you may need to scale down the bitmap dimensions
CoderzF1 16-Sep-22 0:56am View    
sounds like you could use a video or 2 from Philipp Lackner, Coding With Mitch, Coding In Flow, or Stevzda-san on youtube.
CoderzF1 16-Sep-22 0:55am View    
sounds like a server issue, not exactly an android app issue