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Member 11183408 29-Feb-16 16:35pm View
"press F1 for add-in help" is not a button the is exposed description cannot be used. See the following link why MS decided not to allow changing of "press F1 for add-in help"

Member 11183408 29-Feb-16 15:10pm View
I'm not developing MS Com add-in. I'm developing a whole bunch of VBA.
Member 11183408 29-Feb-16 15:05pm View
I used the excellent software IDBE Ribbon Creator to create a XML file for the ribbon.
Member 11183408 12-Nov-14 15:55pm View
Thank you so much! That is what I was looking for.
Member 11183408 11-Nov-14 15:11pm View
Thanks. Will investigate
Member 11183408 11-Nov-14 14:30pm View
Understood. My question focuses on Methods. How can I create a Method that applies to any property in an object?


VB example Object.MyValue.toString returns a string of the value. Method (function) toString can be used for any property.

How can I define a function like toString?
Member 11183408 11-Nov-14 13:51pm View
For example. I would like to program a custom method (upper case) that would return the upper case string for any of the variables defined in my class. How would this work?

PS. I know that VB has upper case functions. This is just an example
Member 11183408 11-Nov-14 13:22pm View
Thank you. I just need to figure what benefit methods really have in classes.
Member 11183408 11-Nov-14 12:53pm View
Thank you for your reply. I'm new to classes and was hoping to define the method in the class.

I know how to do it otherwise.