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sudevsu 3-Mar-20 8:38am View    
app .config can be read in all forms. Or create a class the reads the values from app.config and call the object of the class in your forms anywhere as needed.
sudevsu 3-Mar-20 8:35am View    
As soon as you log in, store the user into a session like ZurdoDev commented above. It holds the value until the session is expired. When does a session expires? You must be already knowing an answer to this so it is pretty simple to show session values in another web form of same application using sessions
sudevsu 3-Mar-20 8:33am View    
You better improve your question with exact error message you are getting. Fatal error could be anything like no connection made/ no column in the table/ anything.
sudevsu 21-Apr-17 12:21pm View    
thank you
sudevsu 21-Apr-17 10:45am View    
Oh No Ajax is being called. Because control is going to my server side and I have my ajax in try catch block so I am sure it is called but request.Form("mystring") is always nothing. Can't figure it out why?