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Comments by Om Prakash Pant (Top 102 by date)

Om Prakash Pant 18-Jun-15 0:21am View    
I think in this statement,"dbo.BuildClientSchema" should be in single quotes as well.
select * from sys.objecs where name=dbo.BuildClientSchema ....
Om Prakash Pant 16-Jan-15 0:17am View    
Your question is not clear. please add some more details
Om Prakash Pant 24-Jul-14 10:35am View    
value will not be null. I think u can check for IsEmpty
Om Prakash Pant 18-Jun-14 9:29am View    
Check the example for insert here:
Om Prakash Pant 26-Mar-14 3:19am View    
see this thread for an example
if you are looking for specific issue then please provide more details.