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Comments by Eilia98 (Top 13 by date)

Eilia98 8-Feb-15 0:54am View    
How it's possible using XSD? Any example please.
Eilia98 6-Feb-15 8:05am View    
Maybe it is better to name them conditional attributes.I want to define attributes in such a way that wherever a specific attributes used, another one(s) could be used. Such as example presented in the question. In fact, I want to set order for attributes. Is there any way to do that?
Eilia98 6-Feb-15 1:28am View    
Maybe I misused hierarchical term; however I'm looking forward for the mentioned functionality. Any idea?
Eilia98 6-Feb-15 0:46am View    
@_Dude_, Thanks for the answer.
Eilia98 2-Feb-15 11:03am View    
@Richard, Thanks for that, it works