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Comments by varmartins (Top 57 by date)

varmartins 30-Mar-15 6:42am View    
It is something like this that I want... but what I want is for the method to receive data through json (since I'm sending it from Ember.js) and to return the users permission group
varmartins 27-Mar-15 11:03am View    
And where would i save the response (authorization group) so that I could access from the frontend?
varmartins 27-Mar-15 8:10am View    
The problem is I want to call the api from the frontend which is being done with Ember.js so I would want for it to receive the data (username and password) check it against the active directory and return if the user exists and his group of permissions
varmartins 10-Mar-15 8:07am View    
No, they don't allow null. Ok I'll try debugging this.
varmartins 10-Mar-15 7:53am View    
changes is a nvarchar(MAX) that's certain. What else could it be?