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Member 11428137 7-May-15 5:24am View    
Which part do you need help with?
I suggest you post the code you've written so far, with some notes on what isn't working.
No one's going to write the whole thing from scratch for you.
Member 11428137 30-Mar-15 4:45am View    
Are you running this over remote desktop, or as a service? CopyFromScreen won't work in either of these situations. It used to work in XP like that, but it was considered a security risk.
Member 11428137 30-Mar-15 4:24am View    
I have seen before with the date time picker, that if you don't pick a value, it will show the current date, but will actually save null to the datasource. Do you still have the problem if you change the date before saving?
Member 11428137 28-Mar-15 16:01pm View    
It looks like the code is doing exactly what it's supposed to be doing.
What's the problem?
Member 11428137 24-Mar-15 4:22am View    
Do you need the ReportViewer to actually view the report, or are you just using it to export to pdf? If it is just for the export, then you can actually just create a LocalReport object and use that instead. That could speed it up a little bit.
I also just found this, which looks like it could help: