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Comments by Haressh (Top 7 by date)

Haressh 29-Sep-15 3:26am View
I am using IE 8 and it is not updating to IE 11 and my windows 7 is also not updating.
Haressh 28-May-15 8:57am View
the back end method is not getting called
Haressh 26-Mar-15 8:57am View
this code store the original image not the crop image i want to store the crop image in the data base
Haressh 26-Mar-15 8:47am View
how i will save the cropped image into database
Haressh 4-Mar-15 2:28am View
@Member11478643 - It Worked.

Thank you for your help.Really appreciate it.
Haressh 3-Mar-15 23:13pm View
Saving obtained facebook profile pic in local folder
Haressh 2-Mar-15 5:12am View
Hey Tadit,thank you for the quick reply,appreciate it.I know about AjaxControlToolKit and jQuery and i have done using those but,but my concern is to disable the past month/date in the drop-down list.