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Comments by hoaqq (Top 6 by date)

hoaqq 6-Mar-15 14:45pm View    
I already said you that you dont understand this problem... There is no problem with PostMessage or SendMessage..They are just working on chat window in game so There is no problem with calling sendmessage and postmessage function. But i said you a lot of times that these functions are just working on""chat window in game"" so they dont effect to gameplay..
hoaqq 6-Mar-15 11:15am View    
Dudee u got it so wrong.. Firstly i want to make a bot for mmorpg game that im playing so i want to sendkeystrokes to this games window even its inactive but ControlSend,PostMessage and Sendmessage are not working....
hoaqq 6-Mar-15 11:06am View    
Its ok but how can i use these functions with ControlSend ?
hoaqq 6-Mar-15 11:03am View    
Well, can you giveme some examples with using controlsend and registerhotkey together ?
hoaqq 6-Mar-15 10:54am View    
If you know interceptor wrapper , i just want to like this one but there will be one difference that sending to inactive window not active window... i hope u understand it.

Heres link about interceptor wrapper if you dont know anything about that ;