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Member 11524654 20-Apr-15 13:33pm View    
ok.I updated it.I have two generics the "List<categorieprodus> categorii" and "List<order> order". And I can outprint the content of "List<categorieprodus> categorii",with any method.(toString,valueOf, etc),but for "List< Order> order" none of them works.(only get memory location)
Member 11524654 20-Apr-15 9:37am View    
CategorieProdus its the same as Order both generics.And i can print out the content of (CategorieProdus),but cant the Order
Member 11524654 20-Apr-15 9:03am View    
Ok then how it works with the CategorieProdus?? Thats a list too.I mean a generic,as order too.
Member 11524654 20-Apr-15 5:21am View    
I dont get it.(Sry my english is not perfect),so u mean my toString is outcommented??If yah, i did that because i'm not using that for that method, but i tried to implement it to outPrint Order but still gives only memory location.
Member 11524654 21-Mar-15 12:02pm View    
yah i did.i work with normal numbers. So as i said in my first post i want to stop getting inputs from user when he enters 0., 0 to be the last entered number.And if i enter 0 in that method it gives me no error only exception after u run it