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honey the codewitch 29-Nov-22 5:00am View    
Thanks! I've kind of answered my own question since I asked it - funny how that seems to work so often, but now I'm interested in what others have to say. =)
honey the codewitch 30-Aug-22 12:02pm View    
code generation is not a library, nor can a minimal IoT device function with a UI library on battery power.
honey the codewitch 30-Aug-22 9:19am View    
Yeah. I've been coding since 1986, professionally since 1996, so I hear you.
honey the codewitch 29-Aug-22 11:16am View    
I can't have it all, but I can endeavor to have the important stuff. I have a pretty solid instinct for when the design crystalizes and I can move forward with development, and I just haven't banged on this design enough yet. I'll figure something out that gives me everything I actually need, and I have the time to drag this out if it means getting it right.
honey the codewitch 29-Aug-22 11:13am View    
You're not wrong. In fact, I was thinking about a fixed scheme like you mention, and on reflection I realized that I would know how many widgets there were in advance. But runtime modification of said widgets is where I run into trouble. For example, as soon as I make it so you can change the text on a label at runtime, the complexity gets much higher. The reason being is I have to switch from laying things out on a screen by screen basis, to an "window/control" by "window/control" basis, and that means computing dirty rects and stuff, or using a painters algorithm on a godawful slow device.

At least that's where I'm at with my thinking now. I still haven't decided, because I'd prefer (A) if there was a good way to skin that cat, but (B) seems to be what I am leaning on in absence of that better way, so maybe I just need to spend some more time thinking about (A)

Edit: Hahaha I even swore in my comment. Now you know where my head is at.