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Comments by Code For You (Top 15 by date)

Code For You 22-May-15 4:50am View
need more clarification.
Code For You 20-May-15 9:21am View
How many rows will be there in dtPertdata table on given point of time.
Code For You 8-Apr-15 4:18am View
share the code
Code For You 8-Apr-15 0:26am View
what is the url you are trying to hit .?
Code For You 6-Apr-15 3:54am View
Here you go
string test ="My name is ABC I'm Learning ASP.NET.";
test = test.Replace("My","");
test = " name" + test.Replace("name", "");
Code For You 6-Apr-15 3:47am View
please give us more details where exactly you are getting error.
Code For You 4-Apr-15 13:16pm View
Why you are tying to insert audio in the database.
Code For You 2-Apr-15 7:22am View
please give us more detail on the error.
Code For You 2-Apr-15 1:38am View
:) good work thanks
Code For You 1-Apr-15 2:05am View
please give us more details on the question.
Code For You 1-Apr-15 1:23am View
Yes. If I got your question correctly. You can replicate the data on multiple servers. For example you got Server1, Server2 and Server3. you want same change done on Server1 on Server2 and Server3. You can easily achieve by using replication. you need to identify the table which you want to consistent across the board. Replicate these tables on Server2 and Server3. Hope it answers your question.
Code For You 1-Apr-15 1:15am View
comment this line and run it again. It should work.
Code For You 31-Mar-15 7:46am View
Agree with Tadit Dash. Need to declare @UserId either in .Net code or remove the @UserId parameter declaration line.
Code For You 31-Mar-15 7:24am View
which type of object is "dtTemSec" .?
Code For You 30-Mar-15 7:30am View
please share the code of trigger