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Member 11561872 2-May-15 16:16pm View    
Actually the setting the Index to 0 each time the button was clicked fixed everything. I figured it was a simple mistake since i was getting a semi accurate answer. Thanks for pointing that out though. And I'm actually doing this for a class and thats the positions he asked us to put the items in the code at. The final project can be seen here if your curious:
otherwise thanks for help!
Member 11561872 2-May-15 15:03pm View    
Ill keep that and mind and change it. However i still can't figure out whats wrong. It reads correctly no matter where i check it. But It still will not work correctly on the second click.
Member 11561872 2-May-15 13:53pm View    
I also updated the question with the class level code. Theres only one other button at the moment but it isn't function so I'm not using it yet
Member 11561872 2-May-15 13:49pm View    
Actually neither file increments lines. Lines is a line count of the file being read. The line value being incremented is actually just raising a variable to display which line is being output to the listbox. Line =1 and goes up so the display shows "Line 001: xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx, Line 002: xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx". The incremented integer only raises a displayed value
Member 11561872 30-Apr-15 18:23pm View    
Ok so fixed that. I updated the question again but it now outputs the same 5 lines every time. Now it only reads: "Line 000 = ABC DEF GHI JKL MNO" for every line