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Andy_Bell 11-Oct-19 15:37pm View    
Viual Studio says "The breackpoint will not currently be hit. Module containing this breackpoint not yet loaded or breackpoint address could not be obtained".
But I have published the same project open in Visual Studio to the remote server.
Andy_Bell 10-Oct-19 16:03pm View    
I have installed GDB server in remote machine. I have enabled remote connection as root user. Now Visual Studio can start correctly debugging attaching to Linux remote process.
But I have another problem: it seems breack points are desabled. Why? Is it normal condition?
Andy_Bell 9-Oct-19 16:25pm View    
It's present only GDB package in Linux target. Do I need to install also GDB server?
Are there other requirements? How can I set GBD server?
Andy_Bell 9-Oct-19 15:55pm View    
Ok. I tried to follow your suggestion. I have defined new entry in "Connect to remote system" in Cross Platform verifying correct connection. I have use "Native GDB" selection.
But I can't attach to process when I'm starting debug attaching to remote process, previous defined. I get this error message "Unable to start debugging. Attaching to process ... with GDB failed because of insufficient privileges".

How can I resolve this?
Andy_Bell 7-Mar-17 6:21am View    
Many thanks, but how can I do? How can I realize this poc and where can I share it?