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Comments by Dharmesh .S. Patil (Top 26 by date)

Dharmesh .S. Patil 17-Feb-17 4:32am View
Try to use FlowLayoutPanel control to add picturebox instead of panel it automatic handle the position of picturebox..
Dharmesh .S. Patil 27-Oct-15 0:21am View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n Nothing New in this ...
Dharmesh .S. Patil 5-Oct-15 5:00am View
It is not possible to do what you want. In that if you want to be able to access the Id from your controller the you must pass the Id as part of your URL - you cannot access something that does not exist.
Dharmesh .S. Patil 28-Sep-15 8:48am View
Reason for my vote of 3 \n S - Single Responsibility Principle
Dharmesh .S. Patil 25-Sep-15 5:43am View
What you try and where you stuck ??
Dharmesh .S. Patil 14-Sep-15 7:40am View
Before Posting this type of Question try it yourself or just use google before post.
Dharmesh .S. Patil 8-Sep-15 6:26am View
Reason for my vote of 2 \n No Proper Space left in coding and article, No download source code, Get Error DisplayNameFor in view.
Dharmesh .S. Patil 13-Aug-15 0:06am View
Sorry for the late replay but before posting the question i will google it but that not give my answer but finally i realize my mistake that before save the cropped image i have to dispose original image and it works.

Thank you for replay.
Dharmesh .S. Patil 4-Aug-15 0:07am View
Thank you for correction :)
Dharmesh .S. Patil 4-Aug-15 0:07am View
Thank you for detail description it's helpful :) My code is working correctly and fast Thank You so much.
Dharmesh .S. Patil 3-Aug-15 9:19am View
Can you explain me how query apply for it ??
Dharmesh .S. Patil 3-Aug-15 9:16am View
Thank you.
Dharmesh .S. Patil 3-Aug-15 7:35am View
Ok Thanks for suggestion.
Dharmesh .S. Patil 16-Jul-15 2:46am View
what is your problem ?
Dharmesh .S. Patil 15-Jul-15 1:00am View
For basic of MVC masterpage you can download this pdf via link:
Dharmesh .S. Patil 13-Jul-15 5:41am View
Use Flabaco is an online SWF to video converter.
Dharmesh .S. Patil 13-Jul-15 5:39am View
Just Google it...
Dharmesh .S. Patil 10-Jul-15 8:09am View
For Data you have to just use Rows instead of columns in above code data will be copy from one grid to other.
Dharmesh .S. Patil 10-Jul-15 8:01am View
Try it yourself.
Clue: Answer is in above code you have to just change something what you have need.
Dharmesh .S. Patil 10-Jul-15 2:14am View
Removing a virtual directory in IIS does not delete the physical content from the Windows file system; it removes the relationship of the content as a virtual directory under an application.
Dharmesh .S. Patil 9-Jul-15 7:44am View
Modify your question.
Dharmesh .S. Patil 9-Jul-15 4:55am View
I agree :)
Dharmesh .S. Patil 9-Jul-15 1:37am View
What is your question ? You was not maintain states that-wise this happens.
Dharmesh .S. Patil 17-Jun-15 3:00am View
i don't want to do it manually using mouse over because images in 1000's and i want to reduce manually work.
Dharmesh .S. Patil 17-Jun-15 2:40am View
yes it's good but i want 1000's of images to identify so i don't want to use check all images one by one using attributes "onmouseover".
Dharmesh .S. Patil 17-Jun-15 1:35am View
No you don't understand my question i want to identify channel name with image icon's with coding. I not want to download or create icon.