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Inpec Coding 16-Jul-15 23:53pm View    
Inpec Coding 16-Jul-15 23:35pm View    
sorry i should of rephrased that , the number of devices PLUGGED IN to your computer , like usb's
Inpec Coding 16-Jul-15 14:42pm View    
You're not very helpful at all that's for sure , I'll remember you and ill ignore you
Inpec Coding 16-Jul-15 14:14pm View    
Umm , you mean that the value being changed is in a >>>>>> DIFFERENT <<<<<<<
form ISNT IMPORTANT?! You can't read , I need this up by tonight for a grade :/
Inpec Coding 16-Jul-15 14:08pm View    
This really didnt help because someone didnt look at my revision on my question :/