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Comments by AFell2 (Top 2 by date)

AFell2 26-Dec-19 12:02pm View
I need to reinforce Richard's good advice. Your best plan of attack is to design the system without writing any code FIRST. You should document which tools/frameworks your would like to use, but describing the ecosystem before you build anything will let you see the missing pieces and save you tons of time reconfiguring down the road. Once you have your design documented, you an then start breaking up the work so you can tackle the key infrastructure pieces first before you get bogged down in the detail pieces.
AFell2 18-Dec-19 17:27pm View
Is that 390 files all with distinct column mappings? That would mean you would either have to create 390 SSIS packages, or 1 SSIS package with 390 configurations. I would lean towards the latter, as you can always containerize the configurations to a JSON or xml file and pull them in at processing time to handle the column configuration.