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nltd 15-Oct-16 2:42am View    
Thank Foothill so much for your solution. :)
I tried your solution and i could display color of cell. But i cant update refresh when change during running.
private void btn_stop_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
I need click second, datagrid changes color cell.
Can you have a solution for me? Thank you so much!
nltd 23-Jun-16 2:41am View    
Thank you Richard! I created windowsformshost and used datagridview of windows form :(. although I also thank you so much. I will try the solution of you later. :D .
Best wishes,
nltd 15-Jun-16 22:23pm View    
Hello Richard, thank you so much for your solution.
I have recently used wpf, so i dont understand clearly. Now i only use xaml to design, then i process by code.
Can you explain more about how your doing it?
What the way different to me can use code? because i want to change cell of datagirdview follow timer.
Thank you again.
Best wishes,
nltd 28-Apr-16 0:43am View    
Hello Everybody,
I am doing a project, which need too display a file dxf. And i downloaded a project of Danilo Corallo and it is vr useful, interesting. But i want to get and display color origin of file dxf. Can i? Thank you so much.
nltd 4-Apr-16 3:37am View    
yes, i am sr i have just edited and taged again.
I used windows media:
WndMPlayer.URL = "";;
That url is my trouble. When i have url, example: "". as in my question, I need to show the xml to find the audio file path. Then i play file audio. This is a bad way :(.