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nyt1972 29-Nov-22 10:12am View    
I have table with following kind of values and I want to update Add, View or Delete with 1 or 0
ID Class Add View Update Delete
1 Class1  1
2 Class2       1
3 Class3             1
4 Class4
nyt1972 29-Nov-22 9:38am View    
Thanks, my html is a page to grant permissions to classes, that is add/view/delete etc, so some classes may have add and some may have view and some have none, so I want to insert accordingly. Is it enough explanation?
nyt1972 1-Aug-22 9:32am View    
I added this:

String fastFollowAssetPackPath = getAbsoluteAssetPath(assetPackName, "");

        if (fastFollowAssetPackPath == null) {
            List<String> assetPackList = new ArrayList<>();

but it say
Attempt to invoke interface method '' on a null object reference
nyt1972 23-Jun-22 2:33am View    
Thanks dear the problem was in sql query, it was not duplicating in sql but in codeigniter I have to use distinct which resolved the problem.
nyt1972 18-Jun-22 14:06pm View    
Live Link of my project: