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GeorgeZiozas 7-Nov-15 12:32pm View    
EOF keyboard shortcut depends on the OS. Our teacher said to use the ctrl+z for now
GeorgeZiozas 7-Nov-15 12:31pm View    
Ι have fixed my code in some way , see it here cause i cant find any 'edit; button at the thread:
I havent write yet the code after the do..while. Still the code i have wrote in do while doesnt work as i want. Im tryin to fix it atm , if you have time to check it and give any tip , feel free.
GeorgeZiozas 6-Nov-15 20:52pm View    
Thanks lot , ill check this out , i will post tommorow
GeorgeZiozas 6-Nov-15 19:32pm View    
I have tried to solve the excersise lot of days now , i didnt came here right away be sure about that.
The deadline ends in 2 days and i cant solve it so i wanted some help. I will try again but you didnt helped me lot. thanks
GeorgeZiozas 21-Jun-15 12:08pm View    
So i use out when i want my method to give me only 1 value back?