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chandrAN2& 25-Jul-16 6:37am View    
I dont understand the reason for the error? What the error implies?
chandrAN2& 25-Jul-16 6:36am View    
Thanks.. with typedef only i got the error..i forget to add typedef,sorry

typedef void (*callback_fn_ptr)(myStruct *ptr); //error "typedef 'callback_fn_ptr' is initialized (use decltype instead)
typdedef void (*callback_fn_ptr)(struct A *ptr); //no error
chandrAN2& 22-Jul-16 9:11am View    
cat /proc/timers. I could see timer resolution of 1ns? Is that means 1ns resolution is supported right? If so the process will be put to sleep for 1ns ?
chandrAN2& 22-Jul-16 9:00am View    
Thanks for your reply. I am not talking about absolute timing. My question here is kernel supports 1ns timer granularity? If so how via sleep or busyloop(bogus mips?)
chandrAN2& 21-Mar-16 22:19pm View    
Thanks for your reply. Any books which you recommend to understand on this Multicore(linux) related topics or any articles.