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wseng 7-May-22 5:43am View
try print out posts in FavoritePage, what you see in console?
wseng 4-Apr-22 13:19pm View
Can try to remove it and see whether video is displayed?
wseng 2-Apr-22 12:45pm View
what is setLooping for?
wseng 25-Mar-22 11:16am View
please post relevant code here
wseng 24-Mar-22 0:10am View
why you comment out the three line ? Are you able to get the value of isNurse,isSub,isPatient?
wseng 17-Mar-22 1:29am View
where is your elevated button?
wseng 10-Mar-22 21:51pm View
post full code here
wseng 6-Mar-22 12:14pm View
did you try to replace it with Text()? Does it appear?
wseng 6-Mar-22 3:52am View
did message.notification!.body; in onMessage.listen get printed?
wseng 6-Mar-22 3:50am View
try check your index. Did you get 0?
wseng 20-Feb-22 9:25am View
maybe you can use 2 StreamBuilder? One is for snapshots.item1, another for item2,then wrap them in Visibility.
wseng 20-Feb-22 1:12am View
because snapshots.item2 and snapshots.item1 always has data,that's why nothing is changed.
wseng 19-Feb-22 6:28am View
then you should do like this:

if(snapshots.item2.hasData && !snapshots.item1.hasData)
wseng 19-Feb-22 0:29am View
you mean if snapshots.item2 has data, it still run on first if-else?
wseng 30-Jan-22 12:24pm View
maybe add some print function in chooseImage, check whether the method is called.
wseng 30-Jan-22 7:18am View
which variable prints null?
wseng 30-Jan-22 7:16am View
perhaps chooseImage method not getting called?
wseng 3-Jan-22 21:51pm View
thanks for your answer. I'm going to start with using Paint :)
wseng 30-Dec-21 1:41am View
can provide full stacktrace?
wseng 17-Dec-21 12:11pm View
post relevant code here..or wrap your widget with SingleChildScrollView.
wseng 11-May-21 4:59am View
have you tried `flutter clean`?
wseng 11-May-21 4:59am View
have you tried flutter clean?
wseng 27-Mar-21 1:13am View
you want navigate to details page?
wseng 11-Jan-21 12:51pm View
have you fixed?
wseng 11-Nov-20 4:55am View
check Richard's answer.
wseng 11-Nov-20 4:54am View
can you show us how your xml look like?
wseng 7-Nov-20 11:32am View
ok, so what wrong with your code? Where you stuck at?
wseng 7-Nov-20 11:18am View
Did you add viewpager in fragment_watch_video.xml?
wseng 7-Nov-20 11:11am View
you mean you get duplicate data?
wseng 7-Nov-20 11:09am View
Please help us to help you by pasting the stacktrace.
wseng 19-Aug-19 22:31pm View
Can you post the exception?
wseng 4-Aug-19 12:36pm View
Have you tried using postman ?
wseng 17-Jul-19 22:39pm View
and your problem is?
wseng 8-Jul-19 22:46pm View
I don't see any errors from the code you posted.
wseng 8-Jul-19 3:55am View
I would suggest you post your code to github or here, so we can test it
wseng 8-Jul-19 3:50am View
Do you have any requirements?
wseng 4-Jul-19 1:02am View
Add a log inside for loop
totalPrice += Integer.parseInt(money.get(i).getNumbers());Log.d(TAG,money.get(i).getNumbers())
What the log displayed?
wseng 2-Jul-19 12:45pm View
From your latest code, app still crashed or you are not getting any data?
wseng 1-Jul-19 11:16am View
you're welcome
wseng 1-Jul-19 10:21am View
Yes,it can. But I need more code. Are all in same activity?
wseng 28-Jun-19 22:49pm View
Which variable return "Total"? It should return only int, not String.
wseng 28-Jun-19 11:28am View
Please post the logcat.
wseng 28-Jun-19 10:59am View
can you get value1 and value2?
wseng 27-Jun-19 23:25pm View
Tray wrap your code using code tag
wseng 27-Jun-19 23:07pm View
use do-while loop
wseng 26-Jun-19 12:50pm View
Your answer is incompleted.
wseng 20-Apr-19 9:51am View
yes, just set the configuration in
wseng 4-Nov-18 20:29pm View
where did you wrote the preference headers xml ? In AndroidMainfest.xml ?
wseng 23-Oct-18 6:11am View
thanks,work like charm
wseng 23-Oct-18 4:12am View
post updated.
wseng 22-Oct-18 21:11pm View
After remove the sort method, some of the items still get removed.
wseng 7-Oct-18 21:32pm View
we need to see your code
wseng 4-Oct-18 23:08pm View
post the code you tried.
wseng 4-Oct-18 23:08pm View
Please learn how to ask a question
wseng 24-Sep-18 12:07pm View
Did it worked when you run it using the run button in IDE ?
wseng 24-Sep-18 3:03am View
how you run this ?
wseng 17-Sep-18 21:27pm View
" I just receive one output for the last input I wrote..." What is the expected output ?
wseng 17-Sep-18 12:46pm View
Learn to ask a question before learn to program :)
wseng 17-Sep-18 12:45pm View
Post the code you have tried.
wseng 4-Sep-18 13:04pm View
How about java ?
wseng 4-Sep-18 3:39am View
Do you have basic knowledge ?
wseng 30-Jul-18 4:21am View
Do you know how to write a simple project by including main method ?
wseng 30-Jul-18 2:11am View
post ChessPiece class
wseng 28-Jul-18 13:11pm View
post the code you have tried
wseng 19-Jun-18 21:49pm View
wseng 19-Jun-18 21:48pm View
Well explanation
wseng 18-Jun-18 4:38am View
Use POSTMAN to post first before you start writing your code.
wseng 27-May-18 12:21pm View
we need to see more code
wseng 25-May-18 2:54am View
wseng 25-May-18 2:51am View
the code looked fine to me . Can you call that method now ?
wseng 24-May-18 11:38am View
Where is your main method ?
wseng 24-May-18 11:20am View
why you need to cast conn to PreparedStatement ?
wseng 24-May-18 4:57am View
What System.out.println(txtfldName) return ?
wseng 18-May-18 2:35am View
you should create two different pages, one for retrieve and another for insert.
wseng 2-May-18 3:21am View
what errors you get ?
wseng 25-Apr-18 21:13pm View
where you want the image be inserted ?
wseng 24-Apr-18 23:34pm View
not save to where?
wseng 22-Apr-18 21:27pm View
can you give it a try ?
wseng 22-Apr-18 10:45am View
Where you get your data ?
wseng 18-Apr-18 21:11pm View
any errors ?
wseng 15-Apr-18 10:37am View
wseng 14-Apr-18 6:37am View
you can refer to this You can apply OnItemSelectedListener instead.
wseng 14-Apr-18 6:28am View
You suppose to have one button . If the button is clicked, it will show the details based on the selected item in spinner.
wseng 14-Apr-18 6:19am View
The viewOfferingDetails will be called after spinner clicked?
Then what is the point you need to have the onClick in linearLayout ?
wseng 14-Apr-18 6:04am View
Once the LinearLayout is clicked, it will call viewOfferingDetails. Is this what you need ?
wseng 14-Apr-18 5:04am View
so this layout is refer to which activity ?
wseng 14-Apr-18 5:04am View
so this layout is refer to what activity ?
wseng 12-Apr-18 4:02am View
you must be defining viewOfferingDetails in somewhere else
wseng 12-Apr-18 3:53am View
post offering layout instead.
wseng 12-Apr-18 3:40am View
But where the viewOfferingDetails from ?
wseng 12-Apr-18 3:04am View
From the error you post earlier, it looked like you have defined viewOfferingDetails in xml layout, but I didn't see that. Have you changed something in layout ?
wseng 11-Apr-18 21:12pm View
sure. Can you post your xml layout ?
wseng 11-Apr-18 3:22am View
Would be better if you provide a desirable output and the current output you hava.
wseng 9-Apr-18 22:09pm View
where is the loop ?
wseng 9-Apr-18 22:07pm View
what is your problem ?
wseng 4-Apr-18 21:19pm View
please post your full code
wseng 4-Apr-18 13:49pm View
Can you put the method to afterTextChanged?
wseng 4-Apr-18 13:29pm View
You may refer to get the editText value add to spinner
wseng 4-Apr-18 13:25pm View
what error message you get ?
wseng 4-Apr-18 13:17pm View
please edit your post by posting the latest code and error message.
wseng 4-Apr-18 13:14pm View
Add the call function in the TextWatcher editText. Once there are value in editText, the function will be invoked.
wseng 4-Apr-18 13:10pm View
where your cancel button ?
wseng 3-Apr-18 3:23am View
size.append(d + " : " + len+"\n");
wseng 3-Apr-18 0:28am View
wseng 2-Apr-18 2:58am View
Any errors ?
wseng 31-Mar-18 1:08am View
post your glide here
wseng 30-Mar-18 12:04pm View
make sure URL is exists
wseng 29-Mar-18 12:44pm View
Just curious what is the value of file . Why do you need String[] since you can actually use String to achieve? Just assign the path value to String file and see how things goes.
wseng 29-Mar-18 12:24pm View
Can you replace to this code and see ? InputStream inputStream = new FileInputStream(inputFile);
wseng 29-Mar-18 12:18pm View
check which line is wrong. Maybe it fail after InputStream stream =; ?
wseng 29-Mar-18 12:01pm View
Did it displayed something in this line ? Log.d(LOG_TAG, "file name "+ file.toString());
wseng 28-Mar-18 4:47am View
thanks sir
wseng 20-Mar-18 12:03pm View
Any update for this question ?
wseng 15-Mar-18 23:33pm View
Please see my answer again. I have edited it few days ago
wseng 15-Mar-18 21:53pm View
You mean nothing come out ?
wseng 14-Mar-18 21:27pm View
have you tried my answer ?
wseng 14-Mar-18 3:31am View
I have edited my answer.
wseng 14-Mar-18 3:30am View
This is not an answer. You should edit your post instead of posting it as a solution.
wseng 14-Mar-18 3:29am View
I have edited my answer.
wseng 12-Mar-18 5:07am View
I see
wseng 12-Mar-18 5:06am View
wseng 12-Mar-18 4:37am View
I think so
wseng 12-Mar-18 4:22am View
wseng 12-Mar-18 3:42am View
please post the errors.
wseng 6-Mar-18 9:56am View
you can actually set Theme in the xml layout
wseng 15-Feb-18 0:16am View
Where your ArrayList ?
wseng 11-Feb-18 9:54am View
I don't see any error .
wseng 11-Feb-18 9:47am View
Did the answer helped ? If yes, please accept the solution.
wseng 7-Feb-18 21:51pm View
Yes.You have to define it as global variable.
wseng 7-Feb-18 3:38am View
please post your main class
wseng 4-Feb-18 21:06pm View
can you post a runnable code here so we can test?
wseng 23-Jan-18 6:55am View
Any update for this question ?
wseng 23-Jan-18 6:53am View
please post the stacktrace
wseng 19-Jan-18 0:26am View
you're right
wseng 19-Jan-18 0:25am View
thanks for the answer, it is clean and short !
wseng 17-Jan-18 1:12am View
what's wrong with the current output ?
wseng 15-Jan-18 10:18am View
Thanks, I have solved it
wseng 15-Jan-18 9:43am View
just wonder how to make decrements for the fourth and fifth rows.
wseng 15-Jan-18 9:43am View
just wonder how to make decrements for the fourth and fifth rows.
wseng 15-Jan-18 9:35am View
Thanks for your reply, but I don't think this should be wrote as answer
wseng 15-Jan-18 9:35am View
Thanks for your reply, but I don't think this should be wrote as answer
wseng 15-Jan-18 9:34am View
It is not homework, I self learning and finding exercises to do.
wseng 14-Jan-18 22:41pm View
There are no code/logic in main function
wseng 14-Jan-18 22:38pm View
There are a lot of errors in your code
wseng 14-Jan-18 12:05pm View
Thanks man.
wseng 14-Jan-18 10:01am View
post full error please
wseng 11-Jan-18 7:49am View
make sure you have imported import android Check my answer again.
wseng 11-Jan-18 4:53am View
what errors ?
wseng 11-Jan-18 4:34am View
It is your fragment layout
wseng 11-Jan-18 4:00am View
Since you have solved it, consider delete or post the solution.
wseng 11-Jan-18 3:08am View
so you miss to define Activity in manifest , not Fragment :)
wseng 11-Jan-18 2:54am View
please post the stacktrace
wseng 10-Jan-18 10:44am View
stucked or crashed ?
wseng 8-Jan-18 3:19am View
you're welcome
wseng 30-Dec-17 1:26am View
random text mean random letter ?
wseng 25-Dec-17 2:47am View
How can I print a factor once?
wseng 17-Dec-17 22:42pm View
Image can be displayed on fragment or activity. It depends how you write.
wseng 9-Dec-17 10:50am View
thanks you
wseng 6-Dec-17 4:10am View
post the code you tried.
wseng 6-Dec-17 4:09am View
What have you changed? It worked last time...
wseng 21-Nov-17 1:52am View
Have a look
wseng 20-Nov-17 20:17pm View
What errors you get ?
wseng 19-Nov-17 11:39am View
Any error you get ? Which line having error ?
wseng 16-Nov-17 23:35pm View
what is StdDraw ?
wseng 12-Nov-17 11:23am View
You want to pass this two text when button clicked ?
wseng 31-Oct-17 4:48am View
where is your xml ?
wseng 31-Oct-17 4:26am View
I want to see the project structure, example
wseng 31-Oct-17 3:58am View
can you show how your project directory like where the xml and java class file located ?
wseng 31-Oct-17 3:51am View
Looked like a spring batch to me
wseng 31-Oct-17 3:50am View
you not using any framework? Only read xml ?
wseng 31-Oct-17 2:22am View
your configuration looked wrong.
wseng 31-Oct-17 2:17am View
Are you using spring batch ?
wseng 30-Oct-17 21:44pm View
what are the error you get ?
wseng 26-Oct-17 4:09am View
What is the problem ?
wseng 23-Oct-17 12:25pm View
Make sure the URL is correct
wseng 19-Oct-17 0:57am View
Works fine to me
wseng 8-Oct-17 22:34pm View
great !
wseng 3-Oct-17 3:20am View
please post the log
wseng 26-Sep-17 22:48pm View
Where is the screen shot ?
wseng 19-Sep-17 2:31am View
Better clean before run the project
wseng 13-Sep-17 12:31pm View
your question is ?
wseng 10-Sep-17 11:58am View
please post the code
wseng 10-Aug-17 11:26am View
please post Book[] class
wseng 8-Aug-17 21:28pm View
Show Book[]
wseng 18-Jul-17 5:34am View
Where are the code that related to database connection ?
wseng 18-Jul-17 5:34am View
Where are the code that related to database connection ?
wseng 10-Jul-17 23:10pm View
Shouldn't it be @JoinColumn ?
wseng 8-Jul-17 4:05am View
what is your question?
wseng 8-Jul-17 4:02am View
can you please post the code you have tried ?
wseng 4-Jul-17 23:03pm View
Please post your code
wseng 4-Jul-17 22:04pm View
Where is age of the car ?
wseng 3-Jul-17 21:32pm View
class1 c = new class1();
wseng 25-Jun-17 10:43am View
What is the problem ?
wseng 24-Jun-17 9:04am View
Have you checked my answer ?
wseng 23-Jun-17 5:47am View
But why you assigned 1 to w,x,y,z?
wseng 23-Jun-17 3:41am View
Datatype with int can only print number.
wseng 23-Jun-17 0:29am View
The problem not related with Android Studio. Please post the xml layout.
wseng 23-Jun-17 0:28am View
please wrap your code
wseng 23-Jun-17 0:27am View
have you goolged ?
wseng 22-Jun-17 23:50pm View
what should i,j,h,g print ?