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Comments by Manoj Jagdale (Top 19 by date)

Manoj Jagdale 6-Sep-18 7:38am View
Can there is any another solution, please?
Manoj Jagdale 5-Sep-18 12:50pm View
Ok Sir, but can above solution solve my problem of holding value in datepicker control.
Manoj Jagdale 17-Aug-18 0:44am View
i had written css code, but output doesn't reflected..
Kindly guide me to design to display record in box like structure..
Manoj Jagdale 11-Aug-18 5:00am View
Yes, Its Done..
Thanks ALL.....
Manoj Jagdale 9-Aug-18 9:03am View
Can i have add template for that field in listview?
If yes then what should column name has to specify in listview template?
Manoj Jagdale 9-Aug-18 8:32am View
okay, but how can i show these result 'field job' and 'workshop job' into front end (vb), because in listview itemtemplate only cardTypeRefId is available. so it shows error for jobDescription that 'array out of bound'
Manoj Jagdale 9-Aug-18 8:20am View
how can add a column to the table or use a collection of labels ?
Manoj Jagdale 9-Aug-18 7:44am View
but it couldn't holding the value was supplied.. It is printing same result for both id's. it only shows field job. both id 234 and 244 showing same result as field job. I don't understand what's a problem?
Manoj Jagdale 8-Aug-18 6:46am View
Manoj Jagdale 16-Jul-18 6:14am View
how to set path for crustal report in c# windows application when its shown the error
reports not load
Manoj Jagdale 19-Apr-18 23:21pm View
This is a simple report, having no any function and grouping. I'm trying to display record as in table,database. And another reports r from same table, databse they are running. Is there a problem in dataset, used to display parameters to crystal report?, but I'm using same way to another reports they have no problem
Manoj Jagdale 19-Apr-18 9:30am View
data is also present in ds(dataset object).
Manoj Jagdale 19-Apr-18 1:38am View
Another Reports are from same path that are running, but problem is to only for that one.
Manoj Jagdale 18-Apr-18 2:41am View
I tried, RptDocCrt.Load(@"F:\Newfolder\Hotel_Management\Hotel_Management\bin\Debug\ Report\genrate_Purchase_Report1.rpt");

and also,
RptDocCrt.Load(@"F:\New folder\Hotel_Management\Hotel_Management\ genrate_Purchase_Report1.rpt");

but same error thrown on crystalReportViewer_purchase1.ReportSource = RptDocCrt;
this line "object reference is not set to an instance of an object."

crystalReportViewer_purchase1 <-- showing null value..
Manoj Jagdale 2-Mar-18 4:34am View
Ok Done. thanks for support..
Manoj Jagdale 1-Mar-18 5:08am View
If i don't take id, and try to update name & other record on name( where condition). Then record can't update
Manoj Jagdale 28-Feb-18 22:16pm View
I taken identity on id column,
So while inserting record id,
It gives error 'can't insert a record because id is automatically generated'.
So how can i remove identity from id column or there is another way?
Manoj Jagdale 1-Dec-16 11:22am View
I am trying to display product information and images on product web page depend on category id from category web page.
So i want to display (single/multiple) images and information on number of id values fetched from database.
E.g. category for electronics products are tv,laptops,mobiles etc. For electronics category, categoryid is 1. So for categoryid 1 all product images and information must be displayed on product web page.

In short i have to display images and information on count of id value coming from database.
Manoj Jagdale 26-Aug-15 5:09am View
Yes, Rashmi it's working....